30 for 30 Bias?

So I am a total advocate for this brilliant series from ESPN.  The way they portray all these stories is absolutely awesome.  I can’t help but notice the lack of West Coast love in these episodes however.  I was going through the list of episodes so far, of which there are now 61 of them.

Of those 61, I can count maybe five that have real West Coast ties.  Including: “Straight Outta L.A.”, “The Todd Marinovich Project” and “The Announcement.”

East coast bias is nothing new in the sports world, but now it is leaking into the documentary world as well?  Come on people.  How has a story been told about the Fab Five, a horse, and all this other crap, but nobody wants to write about the UCLA basketball domination of the 60s and 70s or even about the great Lakers/Celtic rivalry?

Apparently I have to become a movie director and start working on these myself.


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Some Good News

UCLA hoops finally got some good news as Jordan Adams has decided to stick around for his Junior season.  Now if we can just get Norman Powell to come back they should be ready for another deep run.  UCLA will be reloading with Isaac Hamilton at guard, but they will benefit from a myriad of big guys coming in next season led by McDonalds All Americans Kevon Looney and Thomas Welsh.

Strangely enough, I found this article the other day about NCAA changes that could benefit UCLA basketball and college basketball for that matter.  It’s a pretty decent article and worth your time.


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Same Old Angels

The Angels haven’t learned anything from the last couple seasons apparently.  Their relief pitching is absolutely killing them.  The last couple of games have all been close and the only thing that is hurting them is that relief pitching.  Trout and Pujols are playing pretty well right now and generating enough offense to help out the pitching, but they get into the late innings and they can’t get people out.  It’s ridiculous.

Once upon a time I thought this team could prove a lot of people wrong, but if they can’t solve their late inning woes that won’t be the case.


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Too Funny

Here is a funny commercial with Barry Sanders, Ladanian Tomlinson, Chris Webber, Damian Lillard, and Karl Malone.  I especially like that Webber gets dissed a little when Lillard talks about Malone.  Funny.

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A Little Griffey Love

Ken Griffey Jr. is the greatest baseball player of all time.  Nobody will ever change my mind about that.  So in his honor let’s show a quick 2 Home Run game against the Yankees in the playoffs.

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Congrats Bubba

Bubba Watson absolutely owned Augusta on Sunday.  He played like he knew every angle of that course and executed to perfection.  This was his second green jacket in three years and maybe this will get him back on course.  He has been a little erratic with his play lately.  Still, congrats on another huge win and hopefully the other 3 majors this year have a little more drama heading down the stretch, because this one sure didn’t.

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Blown Out Of Proportion

For two straight nights baseball players looked a little foolish when they snapped on the field.

First, it was Curtis Granderson yelling at a fan for touching him after he caught a foul ball close to the wall.  This kind of thing happens all the time and yet somehow this was a big deal.  Get over it.  Granderson said that no unpleasantries where issued, but the kid got kicked out of the game and lost out on watching his Angels come back and win that game. I understand the need to protect players and safety and all that, but come on now.  It’s not like he ran out onto the field like a ja***ss.

Then, we had Jimmy Rollins hit a walk off home run and start yelling obscenities into the stands at a fan that was heckling him.  Where is your composure and decency.  Doesn’t hitting the home run shut up the heckler?  No need to yell at people in the stands.

Come on people!

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