Congrats Peyton

Congrats to Peyton Manning for breaking the career touchdown passes record.  I am sure he will throw a few more this season and make the record a thing that won’t be approached for a while.  In honor of this, here is a great interview he did.

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…And then there is AWKWARD!

There is awkward and then there is really awkward.  This is indeed one of the most awkward sideline interviews ever.  Especially the sound this girl makes afterward haha.

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Celebration Gone Right

This is how you celebrate your team making the World Series. Paul Rudd is awesome.

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More Is Not Always Better

Lately certain high profile NBA players have been quoted as saying that they would like shorter NBA regular season.  I don’t think that will happen any time soon, but let’s assume that it could be considered.  With backers like Lebron and Dirk, some other NBA players might buy into the idea.

The NBA has decided to search into the idea of shortening the season, but not by games.  They are trying out shortening the games by one minute per quarter.  Again, I don’t think this will be hitting NBA regular season games any time soon, but who knows.

One thing is for sure.  If these guys think that they are gonna be shortening the season, whether it be by games or minutes per game, they better be ready to take a pay cut.

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Take Less

Kobe Bryant didn’t quite make headlines, but he did tweet something that made a lot of sense.  He says that players are making too much money.  Which is true, but he also says with all the new money that is coming into the NBA via television deals that owners are making a lot more.

He makes a valid point.

Kobe is the highest paid player in the NBA.  I don’t think that is that big a deal even for a guy entering his 19th season.  I do think he makes far too much money.  But, I also think that owners make far too much money as well.  I think that when the next collective bargaining agreement comes up that we will probably be in for another lockout.

The only way to fix everything is to drop ticket prices and pay for all people involved in the organization.  The problem is that will never happen.  There is money to be made and owners will be hard-pressed to not make that money.  Which all spells lockout to me!

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Task Force

Tiger and Phil have been chosen to be part of a new Ryder Cup task force.  Aimed at solving the woes of the American team over the past 10+ years. These two are joined by Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Rickie Fowler.

I have no problem with the U.S. trying to correct the woes of past teams, but a “task force” might not be the right way to go about it.  It seems like they just need to play better and beat the Europeans.  That would fix everything.

Who knows?  Maybe, I am wrong about this, but I think the best thing to do would be to pick a captain that will listen to who the players want to play with during the foursomes.  I think that could make the players a little more relaxed out there than just playing with a guy that they don’t know very well.

Whatever.  In two years when the Ryder Cup is up again, the US better win.  That’ll fix everything.

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Don’t Showboat

This is a good reason not to showboat.  Gotta love Rugby.

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