Hits and Misses

The domestic violence business that has been sweeping the sporting world, for oh say 5 years now, has got to stop!

Time and time again athletes are getting themselves into to trouble with the law and it’s gotta come to an end now.  These athletes need to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize that there are better ways of releasing your anger.

Snow cone anyone?

Baylor university fired its football coach after a myriad of allegations of many athletes at Baylor. Most of which involved domestic disputes from football players.


I am not here to berate these kids for making what was most likely a dumb college mistake, but at some point somebody needs to learn.  Somebody needs to teach these kids the ramifications of their actions.  It sounds easier said than done, but education is the key to stopping the constant stupidity that we see from these athletes.

I, again, could probably go on a long rant about the multitude of domestic violence cases, but I need to collect my thoughts and data and do that later.

More to come…

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Up or Down 3-1

Depending on how you are looking at the Golden State v. OKC series, you are either euphoric or completely baffled.  Color me baffled.

I never thought that OKC would look so dominating in taking the champs to within a game of going home.  Don’t expect that to happen back at Oracle, but the Thunder have looked nearly unstoppable at home.

Not only does this series benefit the Thunder in terms of this season, but it also could be the reason that Kevin Durant sticks around for the long run.  He is a free agent after this season and it did appear that he was going to test the waters.  Now that the Thunder are a game from the Finals, why would he go anywhere else?

Durant’s one knock on OKC is that they haven’t really been that competitive in the playoffs for a few years and he wants to win.  They are looking like champions right now and Durant probably could win a few more titles with this team.  That’s how good this team is right now…I say right now, because things have also looked pretty sad at times this season for the Thunder.

But, Championships tend to make you forget that.

KD and the Thunder are poised to annihilate whoever comes at them from the East, but let’s make sure and take care of the Champs first.  Golden State is not about to let them just take what’s theres.

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Holy Cow That’s A Lot Of Money!

Did you hear about the new UCLA athletics endorsement deal with Under Armour?  It’s freaking huge.  15 years, 280 Million dollars….. No, that’s not a typo.

It is the biggest endorsement deal in College sports history.  I honestly never thought that much about the amount of money that schools are getting paid just to wear a brand.  Now that I know what kind of money they are raking in, I think it really may be time to consider paying these kids.  It’s only fair.

UCLA’s current Quarterback Josh Rosen posted and then almost immediately deleted a photo on twitter, Josh Rosen Tweet, that makes a lot of sense.  It also makes you wonder where that money is going.  We can only assume straight to the top.


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Dear Old Time NBA’ers

I know that all you old NBA’ers are all up in arms over Steph Curry being named a unanimous MVP and the Warriors beating the ’96 Bulls 72 win record.

The NBA is not “Watered Down”, it’s not some B-league that struggles to compete with the other top basketball leagues in the world.  These are the best players in the world playing each other on a nightly basis and the talent level is as high if not higher than ever before.

Over the past week or so former NBA players like MJ, Gary Payton and Tracy McGrady have all voiced their displeasure over the current state of the NBA.  I’m sorry that you guys aren’t playing anymore, but there is still a ton of talent in todays NBA.  All of you need to show respect for the players that come after you, just like the respect that you earned from the generation before you.


The NBA of today looks nothing like the NBA of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s and while some rules need tinkering, the NBA is probably having it’s best decade ever.

I will agree that there are too many teams trying to tank from about the 3rd game of the season on, but I know that the players those teams put out there are trying to win.  They will play their hearts out and still expect to be competitive against the NBA elite.

I really want to continue ranting about the constant belittlement of NBA players today, but they make way too much money and are treated like gods.  Let’s face it, they don’t really care all that much about what anybody says.  They are gonna go out there and set records and become as good as they possible can.  And that is all we want from them.


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Is It Flagrant?

In the NBA playoffs we have already seen quite a few flagrant fouls.  The problem is not that they are happening, but that the NBA and it’s players don’t actually know what a flagrant is anymore.

images.jpegThis is Flagrant!

The rules state that excessive contact to the yada yada yada…. Nothing is completely clear as each foul is up to the judgment of the officials.

I do think that certain players are on the giving or receiving end of said fouls based on who they are, just as I would say the same of common fouls and other officiating calls (traveling).

The bottom line is this.  Officiating is supposed to involve human error, which is one of the reason I can’t stand all the damn replay technology that has taken over.  So everybody needs to cool their damn jets, Lebron, and stop acting like you never get the benefit of the doubt.  It happens ALL THE TIME!!!

Unknown.jpeg This is not flagrant Lebron!

Thank you refs for doing a solid job… most of the time.

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What To Do With #2?

The NBA draft lottery is over and the Lakers are lucky to have stayed in the top 3 and retained their pick.

So now the question is, what to do with that pick?

Option 1:

Keep the pick and take either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons.  Those are the pretty much guaranteed top picks for this season and they seem to be almost inseparable as far as talent level and upside go.  The Lakers can take either guy and let them build the franchise around one of them along with D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle.

This option ensures another long season, more than likely.  As Laker fans we don’t like the prospect of watching another season like the last 2.  We want to win and we want to win now!

Option 2:

Trade the pick.  But, not just for some role players.  You need to get Paul George if this is the option.  George is still young and containing Superstar qualities already.  Also, he is an LA guy and would likely attract more free agents, because he is not your prototypical “need the ball” arrogant star.  That would make the Lakers much more appealing to say Kevin Durant.

By adding George and most likely having to trade Julius Randle as well.  We rid ourselves of another 20 win season and Randle who will probably be okay, but appears to be a bit of a headache.

Option 3:

Trade the pick.  Instead of going for Paul George, go for a couple of really good role players.  I’m trying to think of exactly who, but for the life of me I am drawing a blank.  The reason you do this is you upgrade talent at a low cost and you show free agents that you are willing to make the moves to win now.

Durant and other big name free agents would definitely be more interested in signing with the Lakers if the roster was a little more complete.  Right now there are only 4 players that I would say absolutely deserve a spot next season.  Russell, Clarkson, Randle, and Lou Williams.  The rest of the guys need to prove themselves.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see what happens with this pick.  The Lakers have always been known to make big splashes to vastly improve teams and Laker Nation is desperate for this again.

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NBA Conference Finals

We are about to tip game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Thunder and the Warriors.

The Warriors have been the best team in basketball for the last 2 years and they look poised to take the title yet again, but OKC derailed San Antonio and looks to be peaking at the right time.

So Who you got?

I think the Warriors win in 6.  Golden State is just too deep and too talented for the Thunder to win this series.  That being said, this is not going to be an easy series for either team.  I think it will get a bit chippy at times and should provide the high scoring beauty that we are accustomed to out West.

Expect Steph Curry to go absolutely bananas in at least 2 of the games.  I might even think he goes for 50 in one of them.  Curry wants to prove that his second MVP in a row is no fluke and wants to show the rest of the NBA that the Championship runs through Oakland.  Should be a lot of fun to watch.

In the East we got the Cavs and Raptors…Cavs in 5.  Boring series.  Moving on.

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