Greatest Olympian Ever?

The debate seems to only have 2 guys in the running right now, but let’s face it you could probably have at least 10-15 humans in consideration for this distinction.

However, right now lets focus on the Michael Phelps vs. Usain Bolt argument.

Phelps has more medals and gold medals than anyone in history and frankly it’s not even close.  28 total medals and 23 golds.  That is an insane amount of medals and no other person in history has more than 9 gold medals (Bolt).

I know that Phelps has the opportunity to win more medals, but he also has to swim a multitude of swimming disciplines, all of which take a special focus and a completely new training style.

Bolt easily is the more charismatic of the two and clearly outdistances Phelps in worldwide notoriety.  Mostly because his sport is more suited for the primetime lights of major television broadcasting.  The excitement surrounding a less than 10 second race is mind boggling and makes for a great experience that swimming just can’t seem to match.

The other thing that Bolt has going for him is that he is not an American.  Coming from Jamaica makes Bolt more relatable to non-Americans.  That relatability is harder for Phelps who also competes in a predominantly white sport.

Let’s keep race and sport out of this though.  It’s impossible to say that winning more gold medals and medals in general would not make you the best Olympic Athlete of all time and I am going to make no such outlandish claim.  Phelps is the greatest Olympic athlete of all time and I’m sure Usain Bolt would love to race him sometime to prove that…. Just not in the pool.

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Harrison Barnes

It’s been a tough couple months for the now Dallas wing player.  He lost, along with his other teammates in 7 games to the CAVS in the NBA Finals.

He shortly after was replaced by one of the best players on the planet, Kevin Durant, who decided to join the Warriors in search of another title.

Now he is sitting on the bench with 3 straight DNP-coaches decisions.  OH and by the way 2 of his former teammates and the man who replaced him in Oakland are all playing in these games.

That’s a tough pill to swallow and I’m sure Barnes isn’t happy about it, but let’s face it.  He just doesn’t really fit on that team at all.  He’s basically playing behind Durant and Paul George.  Sorry Harrison, but you aren’t gonna see much of the floor behind those two.

Alas, these articles I am seeing about him being the worst NBA playing Olympian of all time is ridiculous.  You could ask every coach on every other team in these Olympics and they would put Barnes in their starting lineup.

Things will work out later for you Mr. Barnes.  Just keep working hard.

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What’s New?

Another week has started and oh my what has happened in Major League Baseball?  Just about every player that was expected to be moved has been moved on Monday.  I can’t believe the amount of trades that have been made over the last 24 hours.  It’s gonna take me at least a week to figure out who is where now.

Draymond Green has had a rough month and a half.  After losing in the NBA finals to the Friggin’ Cavs, Green has since been arrested for punching a Michigan State Football player and then “accidentally” posted a penis picture to snap chat on Sunday.  If I were Draymond, I might want to lay low for a little while and start considering my life choices.

The Olympics start at the end of the week and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s going to be an amazing couple weeks here.  I’m hoping all the talk of uncertainty and safety will dissipate and we can just start talking about the actual sports themselves.

In other news, my old boring logo is going to be retired soon and replaced with a brand new “schmancy” one.  I can’t wait for the update.  Sometimes you just need a little change in your life.

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To this day when I hear somebody say “Junior” I think of my idol Ken Griffey Jr.  Doesn’t matter in what context or anything.  The first thing that always comes to mind is that man.  Why you ask?  Because he is the one sports figure who I have rooted for my entire life.  Like I said, he is my idol.

It’s strange to me sometimes that I have never gravitated to a basketball player as the person I idolize in the sporting world.  Basketball has been my favorite sport for basically my entire life, but Griffey was always the one I looked up to the most. He always seemed to be having fun and he never looked like he broke a sweat making miraculous play after miraculous play.

Today, The Kid goes into the Hall of Fame and I get to relive my childhood for a few hours while I watch all the highlights from his career over and over and over again.

Griffey transcended the game of baseball and during the 1990’s was the best player in the world.  Injuries cost him most of his late prime, but for 22 seasons Griffey was out on that field.  To say that he is my favorite athlete of all time would be an understatement and would diminish the strange strong bond that I have with the man, even though I have never met him.

Griffey you are my hero and by far the best baseball player I have ever seen play.  Thank you for an amazing career and always playing the game the right way….Looking at you Barry.

This is a short little article I saw that begs to answer the question, “What if Griffey had stayed healthy.”  What If The Kid Stayed Healthy


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Olympics Upcoming

For all the terrible news surrounding the departures of a slew of top athletes for health concerns and other things, the Olympics is going to still be a success no matter what.  At least for team USA.

Here’s what we know will happen:

Team USA Basketball both men and women will dominate the competition, even without some of the top men in the game, from day 1.  I don’t see a team on either side that can take down the Americans.  And frankly, it may be a boring tournament because of all the blowouts.

The Women’s soccer team is defending their gold medal from 4 years ago and appear to be heavy favorites to win the Gold again.  I think the only thing that could stop them would be a duel with the host country Brazil.  That’s if the two sides meet.

The top 4 golfers in the world will not be in Rio for the games, but there is still a ton of talent out there and none more so than with the American team.  Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Patrick Reed and Matt Kuchar will all challenge for a Gold Medal.

Those are just some of the things we know right now.  We can also consider lots of security surrounded by tons of doubt from the athletes and their families concerning their safety.  Let’s face it… This is going to be an interesting 2 and a half weeks and if everything goes off without a hitch we will all be surprised.

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What’s Next

With the world continuously dragging me down with all the hate being spread, it’s hard for me to get excited about anything sports related lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the MLB All-Star Game and the start of the British Open as well as the conclusion to a great Wimbledon.  But, these events all just attempt to mask the issues that the world is currently facing.

Unrest in Turkey and France and the US and Brazil and Great Britain and everywhere.  All the places that are currently hosting or preparing to host major sporting events and yet I can’t even find the joy I usually find in sports, because of all the atrocities.

I fear for this presidential election in the US.  I think that whatever happens, major change is coming to the sporting world.  Those changes are not going to be for the better.

I am losing my train of thought right now, so I will say goodbye for now.  I hope anyone who reads this blog can find it in their hearts to treat everyone with respect and show as much love as possible.


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The Durant Effect

Kevin Durant is going to be a Warrior!  Let that soak in for a second.  It’s taken me about half an hour now and I still don’t believe it.

This move completely changes the landscape of the NBA.  You know that team that just won an NBA record 73 games last year and lost in game 7 of the NBA finals.  Yeah, they just added one of the most versatile and dominant offensive players in NBA history.

What does this mean?

Are 80 wins in the bag for the Warriors next season?  I don’t think so, but I think they are now the biggest favorites in NBA history.

I want to make a bold prediction however.  KD is signing a 2 year deal with an opt out clause after one year.  What if his plan is to go to GS and blow up the team that beat him in the finals and then when things look a little more bleak in the Bay, opt of the contract and re-up with the Thunder next year.

Diabolical.  Here’s hoping this is the case.  I would love to hear KD answering questions next year about the demise of his relations in Golden State.  That would be awesome.

Maybe I still need some time to grasp the situation.  This news is still very fresh and I can’t seem to figure out what it means for the NBA yet.

Here’s the Durant written article announcing his intentions if you wish to read it.  Durantula to the Warriors


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