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With the world continuously dragging me down with all the hate being spread, it’s hard for me to get excited about anything sports related lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the MLB All-Star Game and the start of the British Open as well as the conclusion to a great Wimbledon.  But, these events all just attempt to mask the issues that the world is currently facing.

Unrest in Turkey and France and the US and Brazil and Great Britain and everywhere.  All the places that are currently hosting or preparing to host major sporting events and yet I can’t even find the joy I usually find in sports, because of all the atrocities.

I fear for this presidential election in the US.  I think that whatever happens, major change is coming to the sporting world.  Those changes are not going to be for the better.

I am losing my train of thought right now, so I will say goodbye for now.  I hope anyone who reads this blog can find it in their hearts to treat everyone with respect and show as much love as possible.


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The Durant Effect

Kevin Durant is going to be a Warrior!  Let that soak in for a second.  It’s taken me about half an hour now and I still don’t believe it.

This move completely changes the landscape of the NBA.  You know that team that just won an NBA record 73 games last year and lost in game 7 of the NBA finals.  Yeah, they just added one of the most versatile and dominant offensive players in NBA history.

What does this mean?

Are 80 wins in the bag for the Warriors next season?  I don’t think so, but I think they are now the biggest favorites in NBA history.

I want to make a bold prediction however.  KD is signing a 2 year deal with an opt out clause after one year.  What if his plan is to go to GS and blow up the team that beat him in the finals and then when things look a little more bleak in the Bay, opt of the contract and re-up with the Thunder next year.

Diabolical.  Here’s hoping this is the case.  I would love to hear KD answering questions next year about the demise of his relations in Golden State.  That would be awesome.

Maybe I still need some time to grasp the situation.  This news is still very fresh and I can’t seem to figure out what it means for the NBA yet.

Here’s the Durant written article announcing his intentions if you wish to read it.  Durantula to the Warriors


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The Deals Keep Coming

I honestly can’t even keep up with all the movement in this free agency.  Some teams seem to have no idea what they are doing and others are just throwing money at everyone and see who signs.  It’s pretty entertaining.

The Lakers signed Luol Deng.  I like this signing for a few reasons.  None better than the fact that he actually plays defense.  Something last years team did almost never.  He is also a veteran presence on a young team.  That could really help development of a guy like Brandon Ingram.

Bismack Biyombo goes to Orland0.  No idea what they are doing down there.  Loading up on serviceable if not competent big guys I guess.

Ryan Anderson to the Houston Rockets.  This move pretty much solidifies the fact that Houston has no plans to play any defense next year.  We may see a team hit 200 points against them next year.  Not even joking.

OH and did anyone else see Novak Djokovic lose to Sam Queerey this morning?  That was an awesome match.  Well at this for Queerey.  Djokovic just never looked comfortable in that match.  It was weird.

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1.5 Billion

Billion, with a B…. almost one and a half billion dollars was spent on day one of the NBA free agency.  Are you kidding me?

If I wasn’t so happy that the Lakers re-signed Jordan Clarkson to a 4 year deal, I would be furious that they spent all kinds of money on Timofey Mozgov.  Mozgov is a decent player, but he doesn’t fit the NBA mold right now as witnessed by his almost invisible NBA finals performance with the Cavs.

Dwight Howard goes home to ATL.  Nobody cares.

Mike Conley now has the highest paying contract in NBA history… Yes, the answer to that trivia question is Mike Conley. At least for one day.  I’m glad he is staying in Memphis.  The guy just seems like a good fit there.  Chandler Parsons is going to join him there in another way over paying contract.

Kevin Durant is meeting every team in the league not named the Lakers and what that tells me is that he is going to have Kobe find him at some point and randomly sign in LA.  With the Clippers.  HAHAHAHAHA.  KD isn’t going anywhere OKC.  Don’t worry.  He is just getting his moneys worth on the recruiting trail.

A plethora of other deals were made.  Nobody cared really.  The biggest news of the day may have been OJ Mayo getting kicked out of the league for failing a drug test.  Apparently dude was into the strong stuff.  That’s a no-no OJ.  Just because your name is OJ doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot.  Come on man.

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Let’s Play Catch-up

I have been on vacation and away from my computer for a little while now, so let’s catch up on some things that have happened in the last 2 weeks or so.

Cleveland won.  Lebron was amazing even if he still needed a lot of help down the stretch with the game on the line.  That was a series for the ages and Lebron was damn near perfect.  Congrats Cleveland.

Dustin Johnson won the US Open.  Even after the biggest mistake ever by the USGA.  They assessed Johnson a penalty after it was deemed not a penalty and…. If you watched it you know what I am talking about.  The other players were not too happy either.  Just go on the twitter and read some of the responses from the players.  Better yet, let me help you get there. Dustin Johnson Penalty Tweets.

In other Golf news, check out some of your favorite celebs and non PGA playing professional athletes and how they fair on the links.  It’s pretty amazing actually. Celebrity Golf Handicaps

Ummmmm…. Lets see…. Leo Messi wrecked the US soccer team and is poised to do the same to some better competition in the COPA Americas tournament.  Chile plays Argentina at 4pm.  Should be entertaining.  (I know, it’s weird but I am starting to get into Soccer some more).

Ben Simmons went #1.  The Lakers got Brandon Ingram and some really really big foreign dude.  Pretty stoked about that.

An American was drafted #1 overall in the NHL draft for the first time in 10 years and more American players were drafted in the first round than in any other draft.

I’m sure there is more.  Baseball is still happening right?



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The US soccer team beat Paraguay on Saturday to advance to the Quarterfinal round the of the COPA Americas tournament.  The impressive thing was that the US played a man down for most of the second half.  A goal in the 27th minute by Clint Dempsey is what got the US on the board and they rode that goal to an impressive win.

I am not the biggest of Soccer/Futbol fans in the world, but I must say that I do get excited during the big global events like this tournament, the Olympics, and the World Cup.

Something about my pride in the US kicks in and I didn’t even know it existed, much less for a sport that I don’t regularly follow.  I have become more of a fan in the past few years however as I have learned more about the game and the beauty of kick from Leo Messi or Ronaldo or whomever.

You won’t find me watching Soccer when there are other sports on, but it is slowly growing on me.


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A Great Read

One day I hope to be writing for ESPN or Bleacher Report or the LA Times or something.  If I do, I hope that I can write an article as good as this one from David Leonard.  It is all about the perceived racial connection between white players and “Basketball IQ”.

I sincerely hope all of my fan(s) read this article.

Basketball IQ


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