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I don’t always write about Football, but when I do it’s about the Super Bowl.  Today is Super Bowl 50 and although I am fully prepared for a boring, lackluster game.  I am hoping for something amazing.

Carolina and Denver are both very good teams, obviously, but the Panthers just appear to be the better team this year and frankly I don’t think it’s that close.

Peyton Manning deserves one more Super Bowl victory and to be able to ride off into the sunset as one of the best QBs ever.  At this point though, it may be a victory just to keep this game within a touchdown.

I see Carolina taking it to Denver.

Carolina 38 Denver 20


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Kevin Durant is going to be surrounded by rumors for the rest of the season.  He is a free agent at the end of the year and there are tons of potential landing spots for him.  The Lakers being the one that I would love to see him sign with, but let’s be realistic here.

Durant wants to win and he has said that time and time again.  If he were to sign with the Lakers they would have to build around them, which they could, but let’s remember that it would take a little bit of time.  They wouldn’t necessarily be contenders next season.  The Lakers do have pieces to move and the ability to pay big prices for stars, but can they lure anybody else to play alongside Durant?

Steven A Smith, whom I despise, said that if Durant signs with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook would follow him when he is a free agent the following off-season.  The Purple and Gold would love to see though two on our side for once.  They have torched us ever since we beat them in the playoffs way back in 08 or 09 or whenever it was.

I think the Golden State Warriors pose an interesting proposition for Durant.  The problem I have with that is how does Durant mesh with an already established group of championship players?  Durant is a scoring machine and demands the ball a whole hell of a lot.  There may not be enough shots for Durant to put up the numbers he is accustomed to in OKC.  However, if he were able to step into that #2 slot behind Steph Curry and scale back his shots as well as play better defense, no team in the NBA would have a shot to beat them.  That team would be absolutely impossible to stop.

I don’t know what Durant plans to do, but I know that he is going to way his options.  Here’s hoping he suits up for the Lakers next season.

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Sunday Thoughts

Yesterdays football games were quite entertaining.  At least the Packers/Cardinals game was for that 4th quarter.  I don’t think I have ever seen an ending quite like that.  Here’s hoping that todays game can be just as entertaining.

Quite a few AP top 25 teams lost on Saturday: Duke, Kentucky, Miami, Providence and we will throw in West Virginia even though they lost to the new #1 team in Oklahoma.  Kentucky and Duke in particular look like they have some major flaws that are going to keep them out of a deep March run.  Which I am totally okay with.

We had an NBA first.  Jeremy Lin’s hair was called for a foul.  It was a funny moment in an otherwise unforgettable game.  Congrats to Lin for making more NBA history.

Tennis season starts today.  Well at least unofficially with the start of the Australian Open.  Djokovic looks tough to take down, but I am still pulling for Federer.  On the women’s side it is still Serena or the field.  I’m taking Serena.

Kevin Durant lashed out at the media this week for allegedly “not liking” him or something.  I think the media tends to get negative too quickly and that can be perceived poorly. Durant tried to clarify his statement, but I don’t think he needed to do so.  He is right.

More to come later today.

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Stories of the Week

Well, it’s only Wednesday, but we are chalk full of interesting sports stories.  Let’s see what has happened so far this week.

That NCAA Football Championship happened on Monday.  That was pretty exciting.  It was pretty solid football throughout.  My only issue was seeing Alabama win again.  Better luck next year Clemson.  They should be the favorites when the season starts.

The Lakers won another game.  They are actually 4-4 in their last 8 games.  That is borderline respectable.  Watch out Laker fans.  We may actually hit 20 wins this season.

Antonio Cromartie just can’t catch a break.  He already had 10 kids by who knows how many women.  He finally decided it was time to get a vasectomy.  That didn’t help either as his wife is currently expecting twins.  Yes, that brings him to a grand total of 12 kids.  Oh me oh my.  Lucky for him he still makes enough money to support all these children.

The NFL is heading back to LA.  The Rams are the first team to be relocated to the new stadium that won’t open for 2 or 3 years.  The Chargers still could follow, but I expect them to stick around SD for another year.

Some writer decided to compare Kobe to Wade, both at their peaks.  No disrespect to Wade, but he is not on the same level as Kobe.  As far as 2-guards go, MJ is on his own level, followed by Kobe and then the rest.  Wade will be clumped together with a bunch of other really good shooting guards, but he is not Kobe.  There is only one Mamba. (and only one Jordan).

Not sports related at all, but RIP David Bowie.  That’s all for now.

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UCLA and USC basketball might not have the same history as the football rivals do, because it’s actually much more relevant.  During the John Wooden years, USC was one of the best teams in the country.  Multiple times they had championship level teams and lost to UCLA twice and therefore missed the NCAA tournament.  In those days, if you didn’t win your conference, you didn’t make the NCAA tourney.  Sorry Trojans.

Jump Ahead 30-40 years and we see two teams that are fairing better than some might have expected.  USC in particular is playing well beyond their expectations.  In the 3 years since Andy Enfield and Steve Alford took over their programs it has been UCLA winning every matchup.  I don’t expect that to change tonight, but it could when the rematch takes place at the Galen Center.

If you want to watch a good game tonight and you are on the (L)East coast, better take a mid-day nap because this one tips off at 8pm here in California.

Expect a high scoring affair in this one as UCLA takes care of its home court with a 89-84 win.

Go Bruins!

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Surging into Un-Contention

The Lakers won 3 games in a row for the first time in what seems like about 6 years.  I would be impressed if it hadn’t come against 3 teams that are probably worse than the Lakers right now.  But, a 3 game win streak is something of an anomaly, so I will take it.

The Warriors put the Lakers back in their place with a first quarter that saw the Lakers play about as well as I have seen all year and yet still were down double digits thanks to Klay Thompson’s hot shooting.  The game was never really that close, but there were still bright spots for the purple and gold.

Larry Nance Jr. has been the steal of the draft and with every passing game he looks more and more confident.  He’s never going to be a guy that you build an offense around, but he does all the little things well and can still light you up for 20 a night.  His rebounding and athletic ability were never really in question and yet he is exceeding even those lofty expectations.  I really like his game and think that he will be part of the Laker project moving forward, unless he becomes trade bait as the Lakers try to make big moves this offseason.

Kobe’s farewell tour has taken a bit of a backseat this week as he has missed the last 3 games.  He is expected to play tonight against Sacramento.  I still think Kobe plays every road game for the rest of the year and chooses to take days off at home so as not to miss that last game in any NBA city.  He may not come out and say that he craves the attention of the fans on the road, but you can tell he clearly thrives from that spotlight.  He always has.

Go Los Lakers!

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