Here We Go

Since the last time I wrote something… I got married, the Astros won the World Series, a huge tax bill with demoralizing incentives is about to signed into law and Trae Young became the best player in College Basketball this year.  I’m not about to get into politics on my blog so let’s cover some sports… and maybe some beer.

Last Night Trae Young scored 26 points and dished out 22 assists in something like 26 minutes of play.  That’s absurd.  I don’t care if they were playing a pee wee football team, those numbers are impressive.  What’s more impressive is that Young scores with such ease and poise that he looks like a 5th year Senior, not a lowly Freshman.  Young is currently leading the country in scoring and assists.  While those numbers are bound to dip a little come conference season, don’t expect his numbers to drop out of the top 5 in either category.  Trae Young is must watch TV.

Hey the Astros won the World Series in 7 games over the Dodgers.  It was a great series up until a very uneventful game 7.  That’s all to be said about that.  #AngelsWorldSeries2018.

Biggest news in the last 2 months has been that I got married.  The wedding was spectacular and my bride was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  But, lets get to the best part of the entire event.  The BEER!!!!!

The beer we brewed for the wedding was a big bold Honey Imperial Russian Stout.  We assumed the ABV would be in the 9% range, but after doing the final calculations it came in at a solid 10%.  To say that we were excited would be a major understatement.  The entire brewing process was a blast for us and of course we heard nothing but good things from the people who tasted it.  Alas, we have tons of beer left to drink before the weather gets too hot to consume such a big stout. Eat, Drink, Be Mobley IRS got a 5/5 from me and since I’m the only person who has rated it it is the greatest beer ever. Two Thumbs UP!!!!!

One last note.  Some people have put UCLA Basketball hunkered deep onto the bubble conversation this year.  Sadly, with the suspensions they just lack the depth to compete against quality teams.  I don’t want to place the blame on Steve Alford just yet, but this is UCLA and that means win or you’re out.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alford fired if they don’t at least win one NCAA tournament game this year.  That is assuming they win enough “quality” games to get into the tournament.  #GoBruins

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OH, Hey There

Baseball playoffs are in full swing and Houston definitely looks like a real threat to win the world series now that the Indians were eliminated by that NY team.  I see a Astros v Dodgers world series happening.  Which should be very entertaining.

If the Dodgers look to win their first World series title in 30 years they will need a healthy Corey Seager however.  I was surprised to see him left off the NLCS roster which probably means his injury is a little worse than what has been let on so far.

The NBA season starts on Tuesday and that means that I am going to be a very happen person until June.  Starting the season earlier means less back to back games for teams, but I think we are getting to the point where it’s starting too early.  Cut the season down to like 70 games and start it in November.  That would mean less back to back games and more games that have meaning.  But, cutting the season would mean less revenue and let’s face it, that’s all that really matter anyway.

I’m getting married in 57 days and I couldn’t be happier.  The beer we brewed for the wedding should be fermenting at the moment and should be one hell of an awesome beer.  When we get the label and everything figured out I will make sure to share it with everyone.


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The Home Stretch

Baseball is coming down to the wire.  There are what seems like 15 teams fighting for the last 2 wildcard spots in the AL

Of course the only team I want to see take one of those spots is the Angels.  I don’t care about the other spot.  It’s basically useless.

Now, the Angels made two rather large additions this week adding second baseman Brandon Phillips and outfielder Justin Upton.  Those two additions will really help down the stretch, but they don’t address the biggest problem with the Angels.

Starting Pitching.

Actually, make that all of their pitching, because the bullpen isn’t much better.

The return of Garrett Richards should help out, but he is coming off almost 3 straight years of injury.  Can we really expect him to be the ace of the staff?  No.

I do still believe that the angels will sneak into the playoffs and maybe make a run deep into October.  But, that is based on whether or not the Angels hitters can stay hot.  Albert Pujols has had the best hitting week of his Angels career and if that continues they can beat anybody.

Go Angels.

In beer news I just tasted a very strange beer the other day at Mikkeller Brewing SD.  Raspberry Blush.  It is a Berliner Weiss brewed with raspberry and coffee.  It was an odd combo, but it really worked.  The raspberry flavor immediately hits you in the taste buds and then tails off into a coffee finish.  It was quite tasty and definitely recommendable.


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Is It Basketball Season Yet?

Wow!  I haven’t been on here in quite a while….  I should really stop being so lazy and start writing again.  It is what keeps me sane after all.  So, as to be expected I am a little insane right now and the sports world is as well.

Tonight is the Mayweather/McGregor fight and honestly I couldn’t care less.  I think Mayweather wins, but McGregor proves he is a legitimate boxer.

Golf playoffs have started and you know what that means.  Only 4 more tournaments and then nobody cares about golf until next year.  Better get your golf fix in right now.

My LAA Angels are actually in the playoff hunt and not surprisingly a Mike Trout “slump” has lead to a few poor games in a row for the halos.  If the Angels want him to stay in Anaheim long term, they better find a way to win games when he isn’t at his historically amazingly bestest.  I think the Angels sneak into that second wildcard spot, but don’t expect a deep run into October.  Far too many holes to fill on that roster to win a World Series.

Football is about to begin.  That sucks.

The IT/Kyrie trade is about to get real weird if it has to be nixed because of IT’s health.  Cleveland better find another suitable trade and Boston better find a way to fix the relationship with IT that they basically ruined when they kicked him out the door.  Could be interesting there.

I haven’t been drinking much beer lately, but two beers I had a couple weeks back that were spectacular were two Watermelon inspired offerings.  Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose and Founders Green Zebra.  Both beers were immaculate and highly recommended.

That’s all for now.  I’ll see you guys again… Some time?

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Summer League Final

The LA Lakers are playing in an NBA final… only problem is that it’s in the NBA Summer League.  Still, the Lakers have impressed even while playing without Brandon Ingram for all but the first game.

The Lakers and Blazers are the only teams left in this Summer League Tournament and tonight’s game should be an entertaining, even without Lonzo Ball playing.  I think the Lakers can still win tonight, but it will be a little more difficult without Ball.  He has been absolutely unstoppable during the Summer League.  Apart from the first game against the Clippers where you can tell his nerves took him out of the game, Lonzo has been the best player in the Summer League.

The Lakers are more than just Ball though.  Kyle Kuzma has been out of his mind.  Making everything from 3 and showing why the Lakers could use him and Ingram in a small ball/everyone can handle the point lineup.

If anything, the Lakers look like a much improved team this upcoming season.  I don’t think they make the playoffs.   The West IS WAY TOO tough and deep.

Expect competitive play in every game this year from the Lakers and a move towards contention in a year or two.  It’s not far off Laker fans.

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Summer of NBA

Every summer we get a new crop of kids whom we all sit around and judge, wondering if they will ever amount to anything.  Sometimes even one game into their NBA Summer League debuts, we are hard pressed not to consider whether or not they are going to be the next big thing.  It is a somewhat broken system, but many would argue it’s tried and true.

During this basketball “down time”, seasoned NBA players are getting millions of dollars thrown at them over a few years to sign with the same team or a new team.  Free Agency.  Does your favorite player want to stay and build something or do they bail for money, a championship, etc.? It’s a whirlwind of emotions as players and teams scramble to make the best decisions they possible can.

This year has been no different as the money starts flowing, the movement continues.  Kevin Durant taking a huge pay cut to remain with the Warriors may be the most selfless move so far, but let’s see what other moves have been made.

Chris Paul to the Rockets.  Not gonna work out.  Sorry Houston, 2 dominant ball handlers never pans out (please view the countless failed attempts at this previously).

Paul George to the Thunder.  A great move if he decides to stay.  A terrible move if he and Westbrook both bail for the Lakers next year.

Paul Millsap to the Denver Nuggets.  Solid move here, but that doesn’t guarantee a top 6 spot in the LOADED West.

Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves.  See explanation above i.e. George, Millsap.

Gordon Hayward to the…  Don’t know about this one yet.   Best bets are back to Utah or off to Boston.  Either is a good move, but Boston has a better chance at an NBA Finals where they can be demolished by Golden State.

Blake Griffin stays a Clipper.  This means nothing.  Clippers will be lucky to make the playoffs. Unless they get Gallinari as well and then they get a 7 seed.

Carmelo Anthony… Still a Knick, but willing to take a trade to ruin the lives of people in Houston and Cleveland.  If you want a title, stay away.  Far, far away.


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THE Draft

It’s draft season and luckily for me that doesn’t mean a war draft just yet, but we have already completed the NFL and MLB drafts and the NHL draft is next week I believe.  However, the NBA draft is today and that makes me happier than I could have imagined. Not only do the Lakers pick 2nd overall, but they have a rather big chance to land a big name in a trade (Paul George most likely).

The top 2 picks seem rather set in stone, but there are always those last minute decisions teams must make before they actually call out the names of who they are drafting.  My gut tells me that the status quo will be found and no surprises will come off the board through the first two picks at least.  Let’s look at what I believe will be the top 10 picks.

#1 Philadelphia- Markelle Fultz

#2 Los Angeles Lakers- Lonzo Ball

#3 Boston- Josh Jackson (then either he is traded or 1 of their other 15 wings are traded)

#4 Phoenix- Jayson Tatum

#5 Sacramento- De’Aaron Fox

#6 Orlando- Malik Monk

#7 Minnesota- Jonathan Isaac

#8 New York- Lauri Markkanen

#9 Dallas- Frank Ntilikina

#10 Sacramento- Zach Collins

I see the Knicks making a poor choice this high up by taking Markkanen, but the Knicks never make sensible choices.  Also, I see Dennis Smith Jr. going #11, not at #5 or #6 where a lot of people are seeing him go which is mainly do to a poor outside jumper and lazy attitude on defense.  Go Lakers!


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