Starting Anew

I’m finally back from my longer than expected hiatus with some fun news.  My blog will be evolving to include discussions about beer.  This is directed related to my new career path into the beer industry.  Tomorrow I start beer school at San Diego State University and I couldn’t tell you how excited I am to get this going.

My blog will continue to have plenty of sports themes as beer and sports are synonymous with one another.  However, a large portion of my writing will include things I learned from the class or discussions about favorite beers, styles of beer, good food pairings, etc.

As the woman continues to work on a new display for my blog I will try to post as often as possible, so long as it doesn’t cut into my actual learning.

I really look forward to expanding this blog into the greatest collection and beer and sports knowledge known to man.  Thank you all.

Oh and 18-1 isn’t a bad start to the year.  GO BRUINS!!!!


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Blah Blah Blah

Football is back so people are getting all crazy giddy with excitement.  I don’t share quite the same affliction, but I am glad that the NBA season starts in less than 50 days now.  That’s excitement for me.

The dog days of summer are behind us and now that baseball isn’t the only true major pro sport on tv, it’s the perfect time to start watching baseball.  The pennant races are going to be coming down to the wire in some leagues which is always exciting.  Don’t want to be caught in that play in game.

I can’t wait to watch the baseball playoffs and the Golf tour championship next week.  Should be some amazing stuff.  Also, the Ryder cup is in 3 weeks, which is always a solid watch.

All in all it’s a great time to be a sports fan.  Even if you are tired of all the noise about the current state of kneeling during the national anthem.


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US Open

The US Open tennis tournament has started.  The last major of the season for the tennis world.  It is bound to be a battle over the next two weeks, but let’s make some predictions.

Serena Williams Wins…. Or bows out before the round of 16.  Serena seems to be all or nothing right now and I am sure it is due to injuries and whatnot, but here’s hoping she makes it all the way to another grand slam win.

Novak Djokovic does not win.  I think something is seriously wrong with the world #1 health wise. He is certainly lacking something right now and that will come back to haunt him very quickly I am afraid.

I got nothing else right now, but here’s hoping this is a memorable major tournament.

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Some times all you need to do is take a second and reflect on good times.  When you are having a bad day, take a deep breath and realize that things could always be way worse.  When I have days like that I like to watch highlights from sports history.  This video I have posted a few times before and I will probably continue to post it every year or so.  It’s just what makes me realize how much I enjoy sports and how even in dark days, brighter things can be just around the corner.

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It’s Back

For the past 6 months or so I have been so happy not having any football going on, but it is definitely back.  And with that I will crawl into my bleacher report news reporting hole, because ESPN apparently has a deal with the NFL to not cover any other sport for the next 7 months.  WOO!

I was just on and all the headlines are about football and there are friggin 10 headlines.  How does Baseball (a sport that is nearing the playoffs), or golf (another sport in playoff mode) or the US Open tennis tournament or absolutely anything else not have one headline worthy?  Oh that’s right.  It must be football season.

Before it was bad, but it has just gotten worse.  No longer is ESPN my news reporting source.  I will actually watch the news in the morning instead of Sportscenter and at least I get the highlights in sports from them.

I’m angry and for no good reason other than I am tired of football already.  Goodbye for now.

Also, I’m annoyed with myself for missing so much time writing during peak sporting performance time and instead chose to make a comeback at this stupid time.

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Greatest Olympian Ever?

The debate seems to only have 2 guys in the running right now, but let’s face it you could probably have at least 10-15 humans in consideration for this distinction.

However, right now lets focus on the Michael Phelps vs. Usain Bolt argument.

Phelps has more medals and gold medals than anyone in history and frankly it’s not even close.  28 total medals and 23 golds.  That is an insane amount of medals and no other person in history has more than 9 gold medals (Bolt).

I know that Phelps has the opportunity to win more medals, but he also has to swim a multitude of swimming disciplines, all of which take a special focus and a completely new training style.

Bolt easily is the more charismatic of the two and clearly outdistances Phelps in worldwide notoriety.  Mostly because his sport is more suited for the primetime lights of major television broadcasting.  The excitement surrounding a less than 10 second race is mind boggling and makes for a great experience that swimming just can’t seem to match.

The other thing that Bolt has going for him is that he is not an American.  Coming from Jamaica makes Bolt more relatable to non-Americans.  That relatability is harder for Phelps who also competes in a predominantly white sport.

Let’s keep race and sport out of this though.  It’s impossible to say that winning more gold medals and medals in general would not make you the best Olympic Athlete of all time and I am going to make no such outlandish claim.  Phelps is the greatest Olympic athlete of all time and I’m sure Usain Bolt would love to race him sometime to prove that…. Just not in the pool.

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Harrison Barnes

It’s been a tough couple months for the now Dallas wing player.  He lost, along with his other teammates in 7 games to the CAVS in the NBA Finals.

He shortly after was replaced by one of the best players on the planet, Kevin Durant, who decided to join the Warriors in search of another title.

Now he is sitting on the bench with 3 straight DNP-coaches decisions.  OH and by the way 2 of his former teammates and the man who replaced him in Oakland are all playing in these games.

That’s a tough pill to swallow and I’m sure Barnes isn’t happy about it, but let’s face it.  He just doesn’t really fit on that team at all.  He’s basically playing behind Durant and Paul George.  Sorry Harrison, but you aren’t gonna see much of the floor behind those two.

Alas, these articles I am seeing about him being the worst NBA playing Olympian of all time is ridiculous.  You could ask every coach on every other team in these Olympics and they would put Barnes in their starting lineup.

Things will work out later for you Mr. Barnes.  Just keep working hard.

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