What Had Happened Was

So I was half right on my predictions.  Both Duke and LSU won their games, but Wisconsin and Purdue both lost.  I’ll take the 50-50 split.

LSU beat Kentucky and that brightened my day.  Duke was down 24 with 10 minutes to go and somehow won.  I still don’t really know what happened in that game, but the highlights are pretty sensational.

The Lakers need to hold some kind of team building exercise, because you can’t lose to Atlanta.  I don’t care if they have been playing better of late.  You are the Lakers who are currently fighting for that last playoff spot and go out and there and struggle mightily against a bad Eastern Conference team.  That can’t happen.  The All-star break is as much needed for the Lakers as any team in the league not named the Celtics or Pelicans…. Did anyone watch the Pels game last night?  They lost by 30 at home to Orlanda.  EEEEEEEK

Can we take a moment to really give some respect to referees out there.  I feel like in every sporting league across the world, refs are often attacked and berated more so than some opposing rival teams.  It’s not like the referees of old were so much better than the current iteration, but with super slow-mo instant replay and social media, every ref in the world is criticized for even the most minute missed call.  I wish we could go back to a world with no instant replay.  It would speed games up and let the refs do the job to the best of their ability.   Which they have always done!

Quick update on the pre-Vegas weight loss goal…  If I remember correctly, and I am too lazy at the moment to fact check this, the goal was set at 223lbs by the time I head out there.  I am proud and yet sad to announce that I won’t quite hit my goal.  I am proud because I should be right around 224, which is close enough for me to call this a victory in my continued search of physical wellness.  Once I get back from this trip I will go right back to trying to reach my next goal which I already have in mind for my trip back to California in April.

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Basketball is a sport…  Isn’t that cool.

I got a lot going on right now so this is gonna be real short.

4 or 5 big college games tonight.  Purdue over Maryland.  Duke over Louisville. Wisconsin over Michigan State. Kentucky needs to lose to LSU.  And Texas over Kansas State.

The Lakers didn’t tamper with Ben Simmons. That’s good to hear.

Antonio Brown has officially asked for a trade.  If the Steelers decide to do that.  One this will be a tough call for Pittsburgh, do they go for a full rebuild or actually look for a trade with immediate satisfaction return?

Bye for now…


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Vacation Week

At the end of this week, I am going to Vegas for a couple days.  Really looking forward to it, but the problem is that I have basically checked out for the whole week.  Which means my posts this week may be short and somewhat sporadic.

The tampering continues… One of the Bucks owner’s was fined for tampering and now the NBA is looking into tampering charges by the Lakers and Magic Johnson in particular… again.  Come on Magic, you gotta be more subtle in your pursuit of a super-team.  You can’t just go out and their an recruit players openly.

Kyler Murray chose the NFL over the MLB.  I don’t really think that is the smartest choice for him, but we shall see in a couple years.  If this was the late 90s he wouldn’t even get drafted, but small, athletic QB’s are given a chance in the spread it open passing league we are in right now.

Who is going to sign Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.  I feel like it’s a stalemate between these two guys and the entirety of the league.  I’ve never really seen anything like this kinda stall tactic in a non strike season.

Phil Mickelson won the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am by 3 strokes and now of course he has to be a favorite to win the US Open in June.  The Open this year is back at Pebble Beach and though the course will look a lot different than it did the last couple days, he is one of the 3 players I would put money on.

I got nothing else.  By for now.

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So That Happened

I was so angry with UCLA last night that I woke up still pissed off, so I am gonna make this short.  How do you lose a 22 point lead in the second half, at home, against a team that had no business being in the game to begin with?  Oh that’s right.  You have to be this UCLA team.  AAAAARRRRRHHHHHHGGHGHGHGHGGGGGHH

Now that that is out of the way.  What else is going on?  The Thunder made a huge comeback against the Rockets as did the Clippers against the Celtics.  The Celtics got booed off their home court by fans that wanted to see a blowout, only to see their team completely give up in the second half and show no fight in the end.  Pretty much sums up the Celtics right now.  I don’t think there is a more dysfunctional team in the NBA and that is saying something with the Pelicans situation right now.

Lindsey Vonn went into retirement in style by winning her final career race.  Congrats to her on an amazing career.

Duke beat Virginia again… That’s a rather surprising result, but really can be explained by Duke’s 3 point shooting.  If they hit 13-21 3’s in a game, they are going to be next to impossible to beat.  That is their one glaring weakness, so if they make those shots, it’s tough to take them down.  I still think they struggle at least one game in the tournament and bow out before most people think so, because of their lack of 3 point shooting.  Somebody with a killer zone defense and low possession attack can take them down.  Virginia on the other hand I see making the final four.

The NCAA released their first top 16 rankings.  Their were a few surprises that stand out to me.  One being that they clearly think the Big 10 conference is the greatest conference ever.  Michigan State got a 2 seed after losing 3 straight games to unranked opponents.  Purdue who has 6 losses including a head scratcher against a not good Notre Dame team, got a 3 seed.   Wisconsin got a 4 seed even though they have 7 losses with one coming to Western Kentucky.  And then their is Michigan.  Who probably deserves a 2 seed.

On the other hand, They also put Gonzaga on the 1 seed line, which I think is deserved but was not necessarily predicted.  A welcome surprise for a West Coast team for once.  Nevada got reamed by a 4 seed.  That’s all I am gonna say.


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Baseball Season?

Baseball season is about to kick off… Technically.. as pitchers and catchers report to spring training next week.  That’s all for baseball.

What a boring Friday in Sports.  There is basically nothing going on right now.

So let’s talk beer.

I was just reading an article about the next big craft beer acquirer.  Surprisingly not surprising is that it’s predicted that a cannabis company will be that which breaks into the brewery buying game.  Cannabiniers is a company that has already broken into the non-alcohlic beverage game, but now it’s time for them to join the beer game.

It is entirely not a coincidence that cannabis companies and breweries are working closely together as the hop that made craft beers around the country a hip thing are closely related to the cannabis plant. The two together could be a gold mine and it’s only a matter of time before cannabis infused beers are the next IPA.

Sierra Nevada brewing made their first ever acquisition recently.  They bought out Sufferfest beer in another move for bigger craft beer companies to take over smaller ones and diversify their portfolios.

One week until I will be in Vegas celebrating nothing really, but hopefully enjoying some spectacular beer.  Let’s GO!!!!

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The Trade Deadline

The trade deadline has now come and gone, so let’s cover what happened.

The Lakers made only one move on Thursday and it was not the one that Laker fans were necessarily expecting or wanting.  The Lakers traded Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac to the Clippers (yes the Clippers) for Mike Muscala.  Muscala is a decent spread the floor big guy which the Lakers desperately need.  The biggest issue is by trading 2 players for 1 they cleared a roster spot.  The reason that is an issue is that now we may have to deal with Carmelo Anthony.  Please, Please, Please, NO!

The biggest trade was probably Marc Gasol heading to Toronto.  The trade happened without Toronto really giving up all that much and it definitely makes the Raptors the favorite in the East.  They now how that player that can guard Embiid in the post as well as cover Brook Lopez on the perimeter.  That’s big for a team that needed that type of player to really feel comfortable against either the Sixers or the Bucks in the East.

The Sixers traded Markelle Fultz to the Orlando Magic for Jonathan Simmons.  While not really that big a deal, it does give Fultz a fresh start.  A fresh start he desperately needed after getting nothing but hate in the year and a half since he was the #1 overall pick.  The good news is that he is not Anthony Bennett-bad yet, but he is also not quite Jason Tatum or even Lonzo Ball at this point.

There were plenty of other smaller trades, but those are the biggest 3 to me.  The Clippers proved that they are in full rebuild mode which was probably necessary and the Pelicans proved that they don’t care one bit about watching Anthony Davis waste away on the end of their bench.

I guess we will wait until the offseason until we see another big move, but expect this summer to be a madhouse of moves.

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Here We Go!

Well since last night one major trade has gone down.  The Clippers are sending Tobias Harris and others to the Sixers for some pieces as well as one major draft pick to keep an eye on.  The Sixers immediately jumped up in their title odds.  They have quite a bit of talent in the starting lineup.  I still don’t think they are the best team in the east, but they made it much closer at the top.

The Lakers acquired Reggie Bullock from the Pistons for Svi Mykhailiuk and a draft pick. I really liked Svi, but he is probably a couple of years away from being relevant on the court.  Bullock can step in and probably be the best 3 point shooter on the Lakers.  So I think this is an upgrade.  Especially, if they land AD.

That’s all for now, but mostly because I think I am going to be covering a lot of stuff in the next day and a half before the trade deadline hits.  Bon Voyage.

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