Michael Vs. Kobe

Since Michael left the league in ’93 and ’99 and finally in ’03, we as fans have been in search of the second coming of the so called best basketball player ever.  I don’t understand why everyone says that MJ is hands down the best basketball player of all time.  It is almost like he has been placed on a pedestal and everyone who gets compared to him has the impossible task of trying to reach that “unreachable” top level.  It makes no sense to me why MJ gets so much love.  I know that he was great and I am not here to say that he couldn’t or shouldn’t be considered the G.O.A.T., but I do still think there should be a discussion.

Ask just about any normal basketball fan and they will tell you that Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant has gotten closer to reaching MJ’s greatness.  Kobe possesses all the tools that made MJ the best.  Fearlessness, will to win, avoiding major injury (let’s not look past how injuries play into this), drive, and all the other intangibles.  If you were to look at all the stats and facts involved with these two players you would notice that MJ has had the more impressive numbers.  Sometimes numbers don’t tell you the whole story though.  I look at the numbers and see MJ had higher scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, blocks, and just about every major stat.  The only real major lead that Kobe has in a major stat line is in 3 point shooting percentage.

That all being said if I were to have a choice to start a franchise with any player in NBA history, it would probably be neither of these guys but for arguments sake, I would take Kobe over MJ.  Why?  When every person would see all the stats and accomplishments and assume that MJ is the logical choice.  I think one thing is that Kobe has more focus than MJ does.  Alright before you lose your head and think WTF, how could you say that?  Hear me out.  Kobe has been in the league for 16, yes 16, years and still counting.  MJ only played 15 total.  The focus factor to me comes in with the fact that MJ got bored, tired, whatever it was to retire not once, but twice.  He may have wanted to see if he could make it in another sport, but who leaves at the very top of their game? Okay, Barry Sanders but that is a different story and don’t give me some crap about he needed a challenge.  Even the best get challenged when they are at their best.  Kobe has never even hinted at retirement since he came into the league.  I want a guy to play for me who is gonna spend all his time focused on one thing and one thing only, winning!  Kobe is my guy.

Who really cares about this?  Probably everybody and nobody at the same time.  This discussion would never be talked about outside of diehard NBA fans if it weren’t for the internet and dumb sports fanatics like me thinking that anyone cares about my opinion.  If nobody every reads any of my posts I could care less, because it will never change the way I feel about sports.  I just want to write all these crazy ideas in my head and hopefully spark a debate for others.  So for the first post, why not make a bold statement.  Are you willing to be just as bold?



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2 Responses to Michael Vs. Kobe

  1. Alex, you are brilliant! I’ve never thought about the MJ vs Kobe debate before, but now I choose Kobe tooooo!

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