Angels, Padres, Dodgers, A’s and Giants. Where do California baseball fans make their allegiance?

California baseball fans have more choices of a team to follow than fans in any other state.  5 to be exact.  All teams that have shared their moment in the sun and been considered the best team in the state.  So how does the normal average Joe fan pick a team to follow?  I am sure some people are like a lot of fans and will follow whatever team is good during any given season.  Bandwagon fans are a part of all sports and can make a team with a few fans look like they are beloved simply because they are winning.  Other people gain their team allegiance from their parents and grandparents, including this guy.  My grandma is a long time Angels fan and I took up that love of the Angels from her.  It would have been difficult to pick a team to follow because there are 3 MLB teams within a few hours of where I live.

Now there was a Harris poll conducted a few years ago that listed the most popular MLB teams over a period of time between 1999-2009.  A ten year period that saw the Angels win a world series and yet end up as the lowest rated California team on the list, 1. Giants  2. Dodgers  3. Padres  4. Athletics  5. Angels.  It is really interesting to see that the Angels finished last in the poll.  Like I said they won a title in that period and were probably the most consistently good team over that period.  So why did they finish last?  I have no idea.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Apparently California fans just happen to like National League teams better than American League teams.

If you were to do a similar poll this season, I would think that the order would look a little different, 1. Dodgers  2. Angels  3. Giants  4. Padres  5. Athletics.  The Pujols signing in the off-season was huge for the Angels fan base.  The Dodgers are number 1 because they have the best record in baseball, this is where bandwagon fans come in.  The Giants, Padres, and A’s seem to be overlooked teams in California.  The A’s and Padres have been, for lack of a better term, CRAP, over the past few years.  Wherever all these teams rank as far as popularity is concerned, California fans have a difficult choice to make on who to follow.



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  1. Julie Mobley says:

    Impressive blog…what took you so long? What’s for dinner?

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