5 Reasons Tiger Woods Can Still Be The Best Golfer On The Planet

5 reasons Tiger Woods can still be the best golfer on the planet.

Tiger Woods may not be the dominating force that he once was on the PGA Tour, but the guy still has a ton of talent and desire to win tournaments.  He may never get back to the dominating performances of old (15 shot win at Pebble Beach in the U.S. Open), yet he can still get back to the top of the game and maybe even back to the number 1 player in the world.  Here are five reasons why.

1.  His Name.  Eldrick Tont Woods may be his actual name, but Tiger is still the name that everyone knows him by.  As long as the guy is healthy enough to be on the golf course for all four rounds, then he has a shot to win the tournament and it wouldn’t be too much of a long shot to still think to take him over the field in a bet.

2.  His grind it out attitude.  Even when he is struggling to find his swing or make putts, he can still challenge in most tournaments.  It’s because much like all mega-super-star athletes, Tiger possesses that unwillingness to surrender.  8, yeah that is right 8, missed cuts in his entire career.  That is an insanely high percentage of cuts made.  He has shown that even when he is not at his best he can be near the lead on Sunday.

3.  His Swing.  Much has been said about how he keeps fixing and tinkering with his swing.  The average person and even the professional golfer may be asking, why?  One of the major reasons is because Tiger is always trying to improve and by making his swing more efficient and productive he is getting closer to the perfection he wants.  Another thing is that his previous swings were so stressful on his body and more importantly his legs.  With all the injuries he needed to make his swing less stressful somehow.

4.  The Young Guns.  There has been an insurgence of young talent on the PGA tour in the years since Tiger lost his dominant status.  Rory, Rickie, Bubba, etc., etc., etc., the names go on and on.  The thing that used to scare people away in a final round and all but ensure a Tiger victory was his mind and focus.  Those two aspects have slipped a little and allowed these youngsters the chance to get some confidence and challenge Tiger.  However, nobody has put themselves into the other world talent category that Tiger created and distinguished themselves as the best player in the game now.  Until one of the young guys or older guys puts a gap between himself and the rest of the good young players there is still a chance for a resurgence to the top.

5.  His Health.  Alright so this may be a bit of a stretch to say that his health will help him get back to the top.  He has been oft-injured in the recent past and it doesn’t ever look like he is fully 100% anymore.  That being said, he still has a great work ethic and freakishly fit body for a golfer.  He doesn’t look like he has the superhero biceps from a few years ago, but he still looks like he is in great shape.  Let’s not forget he is still shy of his 37th birthday and we all know that athletes are beginning to age with much more grace than ever before.

Bold Prediction:  Tiger wins one major this year, possibly the US Open in a few weeks.  He carries that win into next year and takes two more.   Continuing that success he passes Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major with a US Open win in 2014 at Pinehurst.  You heard it here first.

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