It’s Not Football Season People

I know that Football is by far the most popular sport in America, RIGHT NOW, but come on now people.  Football is great to watch for 6 months of the year when it is NFL and College Football season.  I can watch every game, every week.  High School on Friday, College on Saturday, and the NFL on Sunday/Monday.  I can even spend most of the week tracking who is getting better as a team, injuries, who I think will win MVP, etc.  I get caught up in Football every fall and love every minute of watching a sport that I think is probably the third best in America right now.

My problem with Football and the NFL in particular is how much media exposure they get during the off-season.  Don’t even get me started on the NFL Draft coverage that starts a month before the draft even occurs.  I am talking about how on any given day you can turn on the television or open a newspaper and see half of the major news stories are about football.  I am damn tired of looking forward to watching what has happened in every other sport that is in season and not getting to see the highlights because some jack ass needs to talk about how the 8th string Quarterback on the Toronto Argonauts, Yes a CFL team, shot himself in the butthole at a girl scout event (Okay that may be noteworthy, but you get the point).

The worst thing is wanting to watch Sportscenter in the middle of the day and instead of being able to watch all sports, the only thing on ESPN is NFL Live and College Football Live.  It is Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball season and the only thing on ESPN is football stuff?  Not only that, but it is NBA and NHL Playoff time.  What is this world coming too.  I know that I am not the only one who thinks that football needs to have a reality check and so do those reporting about it all the time.  I have no problem having football be a staple in the sports reporting during the summer after NBA and NHL playoff time, because it’s just Baseball season and we all know that can be a little boring.  But, until then tell these people at the major sports networks to put something on other than 46 straight days of NFL draft coverage.  Thank you!

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