What? Who? When? Why?… Weird Sports Facts

I am a person who laughs, but still finds interesting, all the weird sports facts that you here almost any day on any sports network.  I think baseball has some of the most interesting stat lines and facts you will ever find.  Baseball statisticians can make a stat about anything like, “hey did you know that Howie Kendrick hits over .400 in day games, after a night game, two days after a rainout, with a left-handed starting pitcher, right handed plate umpire, less than 25,000 fans in attendance and at least one outfielder who has a 30 inch vertical jump?”  Seriously, look it up.  That could be considered a weird sports fact, but in baseball facts like that seem to be commonplace.

One of my favorite randomly weird sports facts is that there has been one person who had at least part ownership in two sports franchises, in the same sport, at the same time.  Who was that person?  The one and only Bing Crosby.  Yes, Bing Crosby had part ownership in the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1947 into the 1960s and also had part ownership in the Detroit Tigers in 1957.  Allegedly, the Commissioner at the time thought that it was not a conflict of interest to have ownership of two different sports teams in the same sport, because they were in different leagues and he was only part owner.  Who would have ever thought that Bing Crosby would be the only person ever to do something like this?  Not this guy.

Just the other day I heard another random fact on ESPN.  Prince Fielder is one of only ten men in MLB history to have 10 career triples and be over 260 pounds.  Alright, who in the world would actually look at a stat like that.  Oh that is right, those people who have nothing better to do with their time than to look at random stuff like that (Me included).  On top of that, Fielder is one of only two men (Adam Dunn being the other) over 275 pounds to hit 10 career triples.

So baseball is not the only sport that has random facts.   Would you believe that a guy, who is a Hall of Famer who played in 1045 career games and is over 7 ft tall never once fouled out of an NBA game.  There is one such player who did this.  He also has the dubious honor of being a ladies man.  Yup, it’s Wilt Chamberlain.  How is it possible for a guy with that much playing experience in regular season and playoff games and never foul out?  He spent all of his time in the post on offense and defense and never fouled out?  That seems impossible, yet it is true.

Possibly my favorite strange sports fact involves basketball.   It does not involve a player, game, ref or fan.  It involves only the ball.  Most basketball players think about a basketball in terms of how it feels in their hand.  Shooters usually want it to be a little soft and feel comfortable when it leaves their hand.  Point Guards want a nice steady bounce so that their handle is not thrown off.  Whatever the case, if each basketball could tell a story, their would be some interesting things shared.  Mostly because, did you know, the average life span of a basketball is 10,000 bounces.  Think about that.

Alright so these are just some of the few things that come to mind right away, but hopefully every week or so I will research some more so that everyone can hear just how weird sports can be at times.

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2 Responses to What? Who? When? Why?… Weird Sports Facts

  1. Love these random facts, please do this more often!

  2. Gonna try and do it weekly or biweekly (every two weeks) 🙂

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