Baja 500

Alright so here is an attempt for me to reach a wider audience.  Off-road racing is big in my household.  My dad and brother are completely into it.  I have been to my fair share of desert races and short-course races, but I have never been down to Baja for the 500 or 1000.  It looks like one hell of a race.  Motorcycles, Quads, Buggies and Trucks all taking on the harsh Mexican desert for a grueling 500 mile race.  The best part about off-road racing may be seeing just how fast these vehicles go in the open desert.  If you have never seen it before, please do yourself a favor and attend a race in person.  It is spectacular.

This years race was won, for the first time in 15 years by team Kawasaki.  The win ended an incredible run by the Honda team.  Both Kawasaki riders, Robby Bell and Steve Hengeveld, were former Honda riders.  It had to be sweet for these two to take this title away from their former team.

Bryce Menzies and his Trophy Truck took the class win for the second year in a row.  Apparently the guy knows how to get it done down there.  It was a very close race though as he only won by a few seconds over “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin.  It is really amazing that after over 450 miles of racing that two competitors can be so close in time.  You would think that after all that time one or two competitors would separate from the majority of the pack, but that is not usually the case.  That is what makes desert racing so exciting.  Now go get yourselves an off-road magazine, maybe DirtSports or check online when the next race around you is happening and get out there.

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