WTDF? What The David Feherty

If you have never liked golf or even thought about golf, please rethink that decision.  Well that is only if you are watching and listening to David Feherty.  He is a golf commentator and he may be the funniest man on the planet.  Were he to try and be a stand up comic, he would sell out shows from day 1.  It’s not that he tells great stories, though he does, it’s the way he delivers whatever crazy idea that pops into his head.  Just read a few of these quotes and try to understand what it is they even mean (especially out of golf context).

“He is trying his earlobes off”

“I didn’t quit drinking because I was a bad drunk. I quit because I was a spectacular drunk. It got to be like a video game, where you get to the highest level and it’s not even a challenge.”

“Tiger is no slouch himself: He can lay ’em down like a crop duster.”

“I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn’t be here this week. He is attending the birth of his next wife.”

And of course that is just 4 of the thousands of crazy comments the guy has made over the years.  He makes golf enjoyable to watch.  Just because you want to hear what he has to say next.  Watch out for more Feherty-isms in the near future.

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