Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals

I must say that as I have become a bandwagon Kings fan during this insane playoff run, it has been hard to watch these past two games.  Both games 4 and 5, I spent watching in spurts because I would get nervous watching.  It is really strange for me because the only time I ever get nervous is watching UCLA basketball or the Lakers.  I haven’t been this interested in hockey since the Ducks Stanley Cup run quite a few years ago.  Hopefully, the Kings team that won the first three games of this series in pretty convincing fashion will be back to close out this series.  In my previous post I talked a little about how hard it can be to close out a series, but now it is time to regroup and finish it off.  I think the Kings find that magic one more time tonight.  Quick makes big save after big save and either Carter or Kopitar puts in a goal and the Kings take the series with a 2-1 win.  Go Kings!

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2 Responses to Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals

  1. Julie Mobley says:

    So proud of you! Your blog is amazing!

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