What? Who? When? Why?… Weird Sports Facts 3

Round 3 of Spectacularly Strange Sports Facts Saturday, I don’t think that name works either but I will get it right.  Anyways enjoy what random things I can find or have heard of today.

Alright so this is a stretch to be called a weird sports fact, but I found it so interesting that I just had to put it in here.  There are quite a few athletes who can trace their ancestry back to somebody else who was famous.  For the most part they are all athletes though.  Usually a grandfather who played the same sport or a great-great grandmother who won the first women’s decathlon at the olympics or something like that.  Not many can trace their ancestry back to explorers who came west during the times of westward expansion in the US.  Will Clark can.  He was a first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, at least that is where I remember him, but he is also a direct descendant of William Clark of Lewis and Clark.  Insane, maybe not, but definitely a little interesting.

Major League sports have had the same logos for as long as I can remember.  The NBA logo is of course Jerry West.  I remember seeing the logo for the first time and wanting to know if that was a real person or just some creation.  Of course that logo had stood the test of time and is still as cool a logo as you can get for an entire sport.  I wondered who was the baseball logo?  I have seen it a million times and had no idea that it was based on Harmon Killebrew.  If you gave me a thousands guesses I probably never would have gotten that.

Alright since I have been more factual than whacky today I guess I should try to come up with something crazy for the last one.  So who out there knew that each state has an official sport?  I sure as hell didn’t until I found this bit of craziness.   Alright, not all states do, but some of them have an official state sport.  Texas has both a team sport (American Football) and an individual sport (Rodeo).  Neither of which are very interesting, but more obvious.  North Carolina has Stock Car Racing which again if you know anything about that state it is pretty obvious.  Maryland has the weirdest one of all.  It’s not Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Tobacco Chewing, Underwater Basket Weaving or anything like that.  It is Jousting.  I didn’t even know people still jousted outside of the occasional Renaissance Fairs?  It’s just weird.

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One Response to What? Who? When? Why?… Weird Sports Facts 3

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh Maryland.

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