My Idol

Ken Griffey Jr. will always be my idol.  The guy transcended the game and would have gone down as the greatest player of all time had he not been so injury prone.  The reason that I think he is a great idol for anybody is that he was part of the so-called steroid era in baseball and never once was he even mentioned in the same sentence as steroids.  The Kid was special.  I remember following his seasons like a creepy stalker when I was younger.  I aspired to be him.

It really makes no sense to me why I associate with him so much.  Baseball is maybe my 2nd or 3rd favorite sport and I have never really been so enamored with any other athlete in any other sport.  I think it was the quiet grace that he carried himself with. He was never in the media for doing something stupid like shooting himself in the groin at a night club (yeah you just got called out Plaxico Burress).  It was as if he tried his best to stay as far from the media as he possibly could.  I loved that fact other than now when I try to find interviews and such with him in it, it is much harder to find.

Not only did the Kid get to play baseball at the highest possible level for some 20 years, but he also got to spend the beginning of his career in Seattle playing with his dad.  How do you top that?  Honestly, what more could you ask for.  In honor of fathers day this past weekend I thought I would make a post about my idol and possibly the luckiest KID who ever walked the earth.  He got to play baseball with his dad for a living and now as a father he is watching his own kids succeed in sports.  Congratulations Junior.  I can’t wait for your Cooperstown speech in a few years.

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