East Coast Bias

Alright it may not exactly be east coast bias, but there is something going on in this NBA Finals.  If you have watched just a few minutes of any of the four games so far you would notice that Miami is getting the benefit of the doubt from the officials in every game.  I am not saying that it is a small reason the Heat are leading this series, I am saying it is the only reason.  I know the Thunder have played no where near the championship level they were prior to this series, but please can we get some equal officiating.

In game 4 Russell Westbrook spent the entire game attacking the rim and seemingly getting fouled on almost every attempt, yet he shot 3 free throws during the game.  How is that even possible?  Miami seems to get a foul call every time they even attempt to get to the rim.  Even the announcer last night, I think it was Mike Breen said something about how the Heat had nothing to complain about because they had played very “aggressive” defense all night and had not gotten many fouls.  There is a discrepancy in amount of free throws attempted per game by each team, but what is more surprising is the discrepancy between in free throws by the players with the ball the most.  Lebron and Wade vs. Westbrook and Durant.  The Miami duo are shooting 4 free throws a game more than the Thunder duo.  That may not seem like a lot, but think about how close these games have been.  4 points is a big difference.

I don’t know if this is the NBA trying to find a way to get Lebron a championship or if the refs are just tired of seeing the Western conference dominant the hideous basketball that is the East.  Whatever the case if it continues I don’t see how I can ever watch the NBA again.  I love basketball, but it has become a whining, flopping, cheating, disrespectful league and I can’t take much more.  If I wanted all of that, I would tune into American Soccer. I give the benefit of the doubt to the league on most occasions, the lack of traveling calls made because I know fans want to see the highlight real plays and if they called traveling they would never happen.  I can not however continue to watch a game where a bunch of grown men who make an absurd amount of money spend all their time bitching and moaning.

I think I lost my train of thought there for a second.  Oops!  Back to this god-awful excuse for a series.  If the Thunder can’t get the calls that the Heat are getting this series will be over tonight.  If the officiating becomes more equal, look for a seven game series.  Thunder nation you are buried, but you are still alive.  One game can change this series back in your favor.  Durant and Westbrook have been amazing, but unless they get some bench production they are screwed.  Oh and play some damn defense, the Heat should never score 100 points.  Ever!   Thunder 100  Heat 89


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