NBA Draft 2012

The 2012 NBA draft is today and we all know who is going #1.  But who are the other 59 players that are going to be picked.  I won’t bore you with all the picks, because you know I would use the entire second round to take draft picks from the west coast conferences (WAC, Pac-12, MWC, WCC, etc.)  I am just gonna give my take on who will be picked in the top 10.  Of course, I will probably be totally wrong but that is life.

#2  If Charlotte decides to trade this pick, which might be the smartest play, then whomever gets the pick will probably take Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (MKG).  But if they keep the pick they need somebody who can score and therefore they will take Bradley Beal.

#3  MKG is the smart pick here.  Whoever doesn’t get picked second will go third.  MKG fits everything that Washington needs, which is every position but point and center.

#4  I was not a huge Thomas Robinson fan when the season started last year, but watching him do his this was pretty spectacular.  Cleveland needs a guy who has proven he can play with the big boys and not some project like Andre Drummond .

#5  Sacramento is known for making stupid draft picks.  Well at least I think so.  They got lucky with the Isaiah Thomas pick last year, which means they are set at guard for the moment.  They will be picking Drummond.  He could be amazing, he could be a bust.  We will have to wait and see.

#6  Portland is an interesting 6th pick.  They have tons of talent, but tons of injury problems.  I think they make a bit of a leap here and take Damian Lillard.  He can score like a mad man and has some decent size.  He needs to learn how to distribute and he could be really good.

#7  Golden State needs to find a small forward.  Harrison Barnes is still on the board, but it wouldn’t be Golden st. without a controversial pick.  So I think they are gonna take Jeremy Lamb.

#8  Who really wants to play in Toronto?  You are right nobody!  Oh well.  Harrison Barnes gets picked here

#9  Detroit needs a lot of help.  Might as well go with somebody who has some years on him.  John Henson is long and lean like the rest of Detroit’s front line.

#10  New Orleans got what they wanted with the first pick.  Now they need a guard.  If Dion Waiters is still here, that is the pick.  If not, look for them to take Austin Rivers and the criticisms of him to start.

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