Top 10 Sports Movies Of All Time

Back to the list.  There is only two more movies left and because I couldn’t really say which one is my absolute favorite.  I kind of just put them as 1a and 1b, but then I realized that the one I put as 1a was obviously my favorite.  So here we are with 1a and 1b or 1 and 2.

1B:  Caddyshack

Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase.  Who in the world decided to put these guys into a movie?  That is right, a friggin’ genius that’s who.  And I haven’t even mentioned the main character of this movie, Danny Noonan.  The story follows Noonan and his caddy buddies at this high class country club.  Murray plays the assistant groundskeeper, Dangerfield is a loud mouthed, crazy golfer who owns some condos across the street and Chase is a rich guy who plays golf at the club a lot.  Wow, just doing this little synopsis thing of the movie makes me realize that I am never gonna be able to explain everything that I need to in this post.  This is another one of those movies that you could literally quote every line from the movie.  I could probably do an entire book on the awesomeness of this movie.  It has everything you need.  Sports, comedy, anger, underage drinking, potty humor, and a little bit of nudity to top it all off.  Just know that if you are going to watch this movie you may need something to wipe the laughter tears away from your face.

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  1. Leanne says:

    On your death bed, you will receive full consciousness.

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