El Tigre!

Hey guess who looks to be back in familiar form.  Oh that is right, the best golfer ever Tiger Woods.  This past Sunday, Tiger won his own tournament, the AT&T National.  He looked to be in top form as he played with precision and accuracy, much like he did the first two rounds at the US Open.  This time he played better on the weekend and finished out the win.  I can remember 2 or 3 months ago when everybody was talking about how he was done.  He would never win again and his best times were behind him.  I think he should a rejuvenated game and he has a lot more winning to do.  The win on Sunday also broke a tie for second for most wins on the PGA tour, passing none other than Jack Nicklaus.  Tiger looks to be in good shape and as long as his legs, and knee in particular hold up, I could see him near the top of the world rankings for another 10 years.  The guy just wants to win and win and win.  And you know what.  I enjoy watching him perform at the top of his game, because who knows if I ever get to see someone as dominant in golf again.  Respect and enjoy what we are all watching, it will not always be here.  Congratulations Tiger!

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One Response to El Tigre!

  1. Leanne says:

    I’m with you. Tiger is kind of a douche, but I can respect him as an athlete.

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