So I know that Rickie Fowler and Ryan Sheckler aren’t really twins, but come on, they do look a little similar.  Also, they are both Southern California kids.  They are both sponsored by Red Bull and they are only about a year apart in age.  Obviously, they are in different sports but they are also both right around the top of their respective sports.  Fowler never had a reality television show where he did his own voiceovers, if he did then I would watch intently.  Sheckler never has had the chance to play in a Sunday final round, with a one stroke lead and part of the same group as Tiger Woods.  Both guys have done their fair share of goofing off with Red Bull.  I think that Red Bull athletes have more fun than anybody else.  Anything that Red Bull puts it’s name onto becomes instant gold.  That is probably why these twins decided to sign with them.  I saw Fowler hitting golf balls off the top of the Mega Ramp at X-Games.   Who does that?  I just think it is funny to see these two guys together and wonder if they weren’t actually meant to be real twins.

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