Best Coast Influence Is Moving

Well at least its writer is.  Due to an interesting change of events, I am moving to Bloomington Indiana, which is about an hour southwest of Indianapolis.  It is gonna be a weird change for me since I have never lived anywhere but Southern California.  I am really excited though.  Now I get to debate all my west coast biases with east coast people.  It is gonna be a blast!  I will be coming back to California eventually I am sure.  I love this state more than anything, but I am gonna enjoy my time out on my own and discovering what other states have to offer me.  This does leave me with a bit of a problem while I am road tripping out there though.  I don’t want to just make a bunch of posts that will be seen while I am traveling, but I am still gonna try to do a post every other day until I get everything squared away and then I will probably be posting a lot more than I am right now.  Anyways, enjoy reading some of my past posts if you have missed some and don’t be afraid to comment.  I like all comments on my posts whether you agree with me or not.  Thank you all

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One Response to Best Coast Influence Is Moving

  1. Leanne says:

    Being in the midwest/east coast is definitely going to be a change. Just yesterday, someone asked me if I like the Chicago Cubs. I was like, “I’m from the west coast, so I’ve never given them a thought.”

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