Sports Clip Thursday

So I had to move back my sports clip this week, but don’t worry everything will be back to normal shortly.  This week I decided that I had to put an off-road racing clip in.  Desert racing is huge in the western states and I have to say that it is the best kind of racing that there is.  SOOOOO much action going on.  In California you are actually aloud to go out and be anywhere around the course.  Other states they restrict you to pre-determined viewing areas.  I spent this last weekend at a race in Reno, Nevada.  It was awesome as always.  Here is a little clip of the type of racing that I was watching.  Don’t pay attention to the music, but just listen to that beautiful V-8 sound.

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2 Responses to Sports Clip Thursday

  1. Kevin says:

    Very nice. I had not even checked out this video yet.

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