Weird Sports Facts


The annual Cheese Roll.  That is what these crazy people in the picture are attempting.  They are not just running down a hill for no reason.  They are trying to catch a wheel of cheese before it gets to the bottom.  Every year thousands of people try and do the close to impossible.  It has become so huge that ESPN even did a piece about it on Sportscenter a year or two ago.  Get lots of people on top of a very steep hill, release a wheel of cheese, and shortly after let the people chase after it.  Sounds simple enough.  The problem is that people can get seriously hurt doing this, but the best part is that it just looks like tons of fun.  I don’t know about you but this is going on my bucket list.

Physics is a huge thing in sports.  You may not have ever thought about the physics involved when a guy runs, jumps, hits and everything else.  Sports Science is a show that was started by FOX, I believe but has since moved to ESPN.  It shows all the physics and science behind normal sports moves and such.  It is really an interesting thing to watch.  I remember hearing a weird fact a few months ago and then I just read something about it and remembered that I also heard about it on Sports Science.  No matter how high you jump, you can not stay in the air for longer than 1 second.  What are you talking about?!!!!!  Sure you can.   Ehhhhh!  Wrong.  Not even high jumpers have ever been able to stay in the air for longer than a second.  Not even MJ or Dr. J from the free throw line were they in the air for longer than a second.  It really makes you rethink the phrase “Hang Time”.  It really doesn’t make any sense.  But it’s still a weird fact!

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4 Responses to Weird Sports Facts

  1. Leanne says:

    Where does the annual Cheese Roll take place? I think we need to get in on that.

  2. These people really love cheese!

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