The Last Day Of July

It’s about to be the start of the next month and I just wanted to recap some things that have happened during this month.

Steve Nash gets traded to the Lakers, who then also bring in Antawn Jamison.

The Olympics have started and Michael Phelps did not get a medal in his first swimming event of the games.

The Angels traded for starting pitcher Zack Greinke.

Jordyn Weiber, the best gymnast on the American squad, didn’t even qualify for the All-Around competition.  Yeah, sometimes you gotta talk about gymnastics.  I know, it’s still weird.

The US Women’s soccer team has already qualified for the quarterfinals.  Go Ladies!

Ernie Els somehow won the British Open.  I am still pondering that one.

Dwight Howard is somehow still on the Magic and demanding a trade.

No more Penn State, Joe Paterno statue and the school got hit hard by NCAA sanctions.

There were tons of things happening this month, but those are the few that really caught my eye.

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