UCLA Is Better Than Your School

Oh what you don’t believe me?  Haha!  Let me drop some knowledge on you.  Not to mention all the things that aren’t included in most arguments. Such as, we have way cuter girls, a better campus, close to the beach and downtown, and of course you get to be a southern Californian!  Is that not enough to convince you?  Alright let me work a little harder then.

Let us focus on athletics.  We have more NCAA titles than any other school.  We have had the greatest coach in history, John Wooden.  The cheerleaders and dance squad are gorgeous, oh yeah and they are good.  Those are just the things that are good about the actual college aspect of sports.  But, seeing as it is Olympic time let us dive deeper into that part of things.

UCLA athletes have won 241 Olympic Medals.  Which at my last check is more than any other university in the country.  396 UCLA athletes have combined for 648 Olympic appearances.  Every Olympiad since 1920, except in 1924 has had at least one UCLA athlete.  Oh and in this 2012 Olympics there are 32 athletes from UCLA.  One more note.  To those of you who don’t think UCLA basketball can recapture the success from it’s glory days remember that the USA select team has two UCLA players.  Don’t forget it!

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2 Responses to UCLA Is Better Than Your School

  1. Marg/Willy says:

    Hey, that is DEFINITELY A BIASED BLOG! How about the 24,000 students that MUST feel like just a number in the big system of UCLA?

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