It’s A Special Day

It’s my Momma’s birthday today.  I have to give her a shout out because she is the greatest mom I could ever have hoped for.  Seriously, ask my siblings and my friends.  She is the best!  Love You MJ!

On another note, did everyone see that USA-Nigeria basketball game on Thursday night.  I didn’t get to see it, but I watched highlights and saw the box score.  At first, I thought it was a joke when I saw the first quarter score.  That is insane.  Then when I saw the final score I was even more amazed.  156-73.  The best highlight for me, even though there was the Kobe dunk, Durant dunk, and the Lebron dunk and all those 3’s, was the K-Love to Westbrook alley-oop.  And I am sure you know why that was my favorite.  Anyways, this record setting performance will go down in history and I am sure if the US wins gold everybody and their mom’s will be comparing the run to the Dream Team’s run.  The biggest win for the Dream Team was only 76, I believe.  Go 2012 squad.  You got something on the Dreamers.

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