A Little East Coast Bias?

So Chatsports posted this video the other day about the Greatest Moments in Sports History and though it is truly an awesome collection of clips I do have a few issues with it.  John Wooden is pictured for a mere millisecond and there is nothing else having to do with UCLA basketball and all their championships and records.  The Lakers have two very small clips and just as many, if not more, of them being on the losing side of the clip.  The Angels have no clips whatsoever and though they haven’t really had as many highlights over the years how do you not at least show the rally monkey?  I have a ton of other complaints, but then again they video was obviously not made to show what I wanted to show.  Maybe someday I will do something like that.  Anyways, please check out this video and of course check out Chatsports.com to see some of my other works of art.

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