Best Sports Gifts Ever!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about what you are gonna be getting for the huge sports fans in your family this Christmas.  We have all seen the whacky, awesome and somewhat unfortunate gifts that the sporting world has come up with.  Gift cards, sports movies, and tickets to an event are all decent gifts, but let’s face it if we could really get these people what they really wanted it wouldn’t be anything like that.  I have compiled a list of 3 items that I think every sports fan would like to have under their tree in December.

#3  A lunch/lesson or meaningful conversation with their favorite athlete.

I know for a fact I would be the happiest person alive if I ever had the chance to spend an hour talking about anything with Ken Griffey Jr. or John Wooden.  It would be a life changing experience that I am sure anybody who has a favorite athlete would enjoy the opportunity to make happen.

#2  Follow your favorite team for a year

It wouldn’t be a great present without the chance to spend every game your  team plays on the sidelines, traveling with the team, enjoying the presence of the players you aspired to be and look up to as a fan.  Now wouldn’t that just be amazing.  OH and did I mention that it would all be paid for by the team.  A little icing for that giant cake.

#1 A Camera

Oh what, that is not what you wanted?  I guess I should add that the camera is used to shoot the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Now it makes more sense.  I think every sports fan, mostly males, would take the chance to spend months on end taking pictures of beautiful women in exotic locales with very little clothing, if any, on their bodies.  Maybe you could spend a day putting on the body paint with some of the ladies.  The one present you will never have, but will definitely dream about tonight.  Your Welcome!

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