Pay the Man!

MJD (Maurice Jones-Drew) finally ended his holdout the other day, but come on Jaguars pay that man.  I am totally against the amount of money that professional athletes get paid.  It is seriously ludicrous the amount of money they can make annually.  I just think that MJD deserves to get his if everybody else is.  The UCLA grad has been the only reason the Jaguars are ever mentioned over the past few years.

Pay him or let him go get paid somewhere else.  It is as simple as that.  Your best player deserves to be rewarded.  He is the one bringing the fans to the games all year.  I gotta stick up for my UCLA guys.  Since it seems that nobody else is willing to do so.  You know what you gotta do Jacksonville.  Show him that he is one of the best backs in the league with a long term deal.

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