Weird Sports Facts Saturday

So I was planning to do a whole post about weird basketball facts, but in the process of finding weird sports facts to share I came across this website .  Now I like to check my findings over a few websites just to make sure it isn’t some random person making up a strange fact, but this site seems to just make random statements that are factually incorrect.  On top of that the way they phrased some of these “facts” is very strange.  I point you to #5 for reference.  Anyways, I would like my readers to do one of two things here for me.  Number 1, point out some errors on the page that I have directed you to view.  Number 2, make up a basketball fact that has some truth, but may be incomplete or grammatically wrong and share it.  I know this requires using your brain a little bit, but I thought it would be fun.  I will try to post some of the best responses but I am sure there will be thousands to go through (Laughs).

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