Praying for a Pennant Race Collapse

The Angels are struggling to make the playoffs and with only a handful of games left it is gonna take a historical collapse from one of the two teams in from of them.  We saw both Boston and Atlanta experience some catastrophic failures late in the season last year and who would expect that type of thing to happen twice in two years.  NOT ME!  I want to be optimistic, but the outlook is a little bleak at the moment.

The only thing I can say to Halo fans out there is to look forward to next year.  We might have a new manager, hopefully not, but you never know.  I expect to see some major bullpen changes and hopefully a few roster tweaks, but for the most part I don’t see a massive overhaul in the near future.  Angel fans just want to see all that expensive talent turn into winning games.  Until then, we are destined to be sitting in front of the television watching those dumb ass Yankees take the field.  That is what makes this so infuriating.  The Friggin’ Yankees.  I just want anybody other than them to win.  Is that too much to ask?

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One Response to Praying for a Pennant Race Collapse

  1. Mrs. Baseball says:

    I loved watching Moneyball! Those damn yankees. Let’em spend all their money. We all know they’re all just a bunch of moneywhores. Give me the minor leagues anyway! Go Storm!

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