Best Coast October Hottie

Who should it be?  Who should it be?  October is an interesting month to pick a hottie in.   Women’s sports is not really at the forefront here.  Also, how can you not pick a brunette to be a hottie this month.  It almost would be uncalled for to go with a blond.  Or maybe we should go with a red head.  Alright that is enough leading you on.  This months Best Coast Hottie is… Erica Blasberg.  I remember following her when she was in high school pretty close to where I grew up.  This choice is as much out of respect as it is about her beautifulness.  She “allegedly” committed suicide just a few years ago.  It is always so sad to to see somebody so young and so talented pushed to the brink of making a decision like that.  Just goes to show that no matter how well you are doing in life depression can take anybody.

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