BCS… Biased Coast Scoring

The first BCS standings are out and wouldn’t you know it two SEC teams lead the way.  Alabama was a guarantee at the top spot.  I think they are the front-runner still.  The surprise came in the second spot where we didn’t see Oregon, but were Florida now presides.  I have a few issues with this, one being that I don’t see how Florida has played any better than Oregon and yet the so called genius computers put them ahead.

I am the first to admit that the SEC has been the most dominant conference for the past few years now, but at some point the bias towards that conference pushes way too much weight.  At this point in the season my top-5 in the BCS standings would be: Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, Florida, Oregon State.  I think the biggest conference improvement from last year has been shown in the Pac-12.  A conference that was so top heavy the past couple of years has now become a tough test from top to number 11, excluding Colorado.  Sorry Buff fans…

Alas, until the BCS is rid of completely everybody will debate who will play in the title game.  It isn’t up to us though, it is up to computers that don’t watch the games and see what actually happens.  OH Wait… isn’t a playoff scheduled to be included in the coming years.   Where is my time machine!

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One Response to BCS… Biased Coast Scoring

  1. Leanne says:

    No respect for the West Coast, no respect at all.

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