Strange Sports Facts Saturday

Since I am living in a college town and I know that there are some really strange college sports traditions I thought now would be a good time to share some.  I had heard of a few of these before, but there is one in particular that would be totally awesome to witness.

Duke University students camp out in tents on the nights before home games in order to get free tickets to the game.  They are also awarded free internet access so that they can continue studying and staying up to date on school work.

University of California, Davis Track and Field athletes streak across a field in what is probably the fastest naked mile.

University of Oregon football players are lead onto the field of home games by their duck mascot riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Taylor University Men’s Basketball may have the best tradition of all.  Every year they play a game on the Friday before finals week begins.  All the students attend the game in their pajamas and until the 10th point is scored by the home team the entire gym remains eerily quiet.  It is known as the “Silent Night” game and it just may be the coolest college sports tradition.

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One Response to Strange Sports Facts Saturday

  1. The team that plays Taylor is probably so freaked out by it!

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