Lakers 0-5 in the Preseason

Cause for major concern or just “Who cares it’s the preseason?”  I will give them that the newest addition Dwight “Superman, Batman, MethodMan, RedMan, IronMan, The Big Venice Beach” hasn’t played yet, until last night maybe, but I didn’t watch the game… Did they win last night?  Who cares.  Yeah that is right it is the preseason.  You know how much the preseason plays into the actual season.  It means absolutely nothing.

Don’t be scared Laker fans.  Be Happy that we have a chance to watch this team every night… or at least most nights, who else is pissed the f**k off about the switch to Time Warner!  Let’s not get started on that.  This is about basketball, not broadcasting.  The Lakers will finish with the 2nd best record in the west and in the NBA, but that’s where it gets interesting.  Can we win a title? Most people say no and I say yes.  This league is about dominant players and last I checked the lakers have as many, 2, as the Thunder and Heat.   We will be just fine.  Kobe is still the best finisher in the league sorry Bron-Bron.  Don the Laker uniform in 2014 after Kobe retires and the title is yours.  #THEFUTURE

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