Airing Of Grievances

I have a few grievances that I need to bring to attention.  

Number 1.  How in the hell did Mike Trout not win a Gold Glove this year?  He was basically a lock for that title and yet they gave it to Adam Jones?  I don’t quite understand how Jones was considered a better Center Fielder this year.  Did anyone else see amazing play after amazing play from Trout this season.   That is just plain ludicrous!

Number 2.  How in the world did both Notre Dame and Kansas State jump Oregon in the latest BCS standings.  Last I checked Oregon is number 2 in all of the human polls and yet those damn computers have ranked Oregon as low as number 7 in some polls.  That makes absolutely no sense and is just another reason that the BCS should be done away with.

Number 3.  Mark Cuban needs to shut his f***ing mouth!  I used to think Cuban was funny for saying all these stupid, random things about refs, owners, players, teams, but it has just gotten old.  He recently said that he hopes the Lakers “suck” this season.  That is fine for him to hope for that, but there is no reason that he needs to make that known to everybody.  Keep it to yourself for once Cuban!


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