Furry, Funky, Funny, Fuzzy, Fungi? Friday

Alright I have decided that this week I am gonna pay some respects to my hometown in California.  We have a minor league baseball team that has had some major impact on the rest of the country.  Just a few days ago I saw one of the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball hats on a kid in Indiana.  When I asked him if he knew anything about the team that he was supporting he said, “oh what this is a baseball team’s hat?”  I was a little shocked at that statement.  Then I realized that I remember hearing a few years ago that it was the most popular baseball hat among all minor league baseball clubs.  Apparently, it still is.  And with such a simple design.


And of course then there is the eyes of the storm logo in the bathrooms as well.


Not too mention that I found several publications online that listed the storms mascot (Thunder, which is some kind of green dog) as one of the best mascots in the Minors.  Of course, true Storm fans will always love the old mascot (Hamlet, some kind of giant lake monster).


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3 Responses to Furry, Funky, Funny, Fuzzy, Fungi? Friday

  1. Leanne says:

    How are you gonna wear a Storm hat and not know what it is? That’s blasphemy.

  2. Margaret says:

    really cute idea Alex !

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