A Special Tuesday


Every day is a special day so why not make Tuesday special?  Alright, so we all now know who is going to be playing in the BCS Bowl games and just about every bowl game on top of that.   I have tons of issues with most of these bowl games.  First off I don’t think Norte Dame stands a chance in the BCS title game.  That game probably won’t be within 2 touchdowns by the end.  Then, you also get teams like Northern Illinois and Wisconsin who are in BCS bowls.  NIU did have a great season, but they are gonna get manhandled by a decent Florida State team.  After Wisconsin slaughtered the 5th best team in the Big Ten they were given the Rose Bowl game.  Unfortunately, they aren’t very good and are facing a very confident Stanford team.  Advantage Stanford.

UCLA gets to play in the Holliday bowl against Baylor.  Not the game the Bruins were hoping for last week, but they lost two tough games to Stanford.  I Give them the edge over the Bears though.  We will see what happens.  The bowl season lasts over a month which is a joke, but that is the state of college football right now.  As soon as they install the playoff system, the NCAA should find a way to condense the season by about 3 weeks.  It wouldn’t be that hard!

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