Funky, Freaky, Furry, Fuzzy, Fungi? Friday

This week I have decided to talk about just one mascot.   The thing that makes this mascot so important and strange is that it is a mascot change controversy.  The New Orleans Hornets of the NBA have decided to change their name to the Pelicans.  Seriously, the Pelicans?!  I have never thought that changing the name of a franchise was all that good of an idea, but when I think about it this kinda makes sense.  New Orleans is not home to any Hornets as far as I know and the name change also may allow the Charlotte franchise to get it’s Hornets name back.  I think this move doesn’t make any sense however if Charlotte simply keeps their terrible Bobcats name.  Anyways, introducing the most intriguing mascot in professional sports.  The Pelican.


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