Sunday Shortcomings


The Lakers lost again!  I think I might just start every Sunday with that sentence until they finally get their heads out of their bottoms and start winning games.  This time it was to the Clippers who were coming off 2 straight losses and starting to look like an average team again.  Alas, the Clippers average is much better than the Lakers is right now.  That hasn’t happened since the Kwame Brown, Smush Parker Laker years.  Hopefully the embarrassment will end soon and the Lakers can find some way to turn things around in time for a deep run into a better team in the second round of the playoffs…. Again!

I don’t know why, but I have a huge issue with some of these high school athletes making their commitment to colleges on national television.  It bothers me immensely.  Make your damn commitment to your new coach and school and get on with your damn life.  You are not some television star because you put on a baseball cap with your entourage around you at halftime of the US Army-Under Armour-Senior-Down South-All-Star game.  I think those kids that announce at the All-star games are more likely to be failures at the college level, because they think they are entitled or something.  Statistics of such phenomenon forth coming.

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2 Responses to Sunday Shortcomings

  1. Leanne says:

    I agree with your frustrations. With heads so big, it’s a wonder they can fit a baseball cap on ’em.

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