Sunday Shortcomings


So the other day after the Celtics-Knicks game, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got into a bit of a heated discussion/fight/tea party.  I don’t know all of the facts nor did I really see what happened after the game.  But, the biggest issue that I see with this fight or whatever it was is the amount of back and forth that is happening after the fight.  The he said, she said crap.  I have seen Garnett’s coach come out and speak up for him and Carmelo has already said that he just wanted to speak with Garnett and things escalated.  I am tired of the unwarranted fights happening in sports.  It’s the war of words and they seem to be getting worse.  What happened to the days when guys would beat the crap out of each other on the court and after the game act as if nothing happened.  People have gotten so petty, turning to social outlets like twitter to bash other athletes and such.  If I were the commissioner of a professional sports league I would ban all social networking sites during the season.  It only leads to more and more pointless fights.


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