What The….?


So I just have a few random notes to mention about the NBA season so far.  It’s a little strange to me.

The Lakers are 15-21, which is incredibly bad for such a talented team, but they are still only 5 games out of the last playoff spot.  What is more terrifying is that they are only 4 games away from having the worst record in the West.  Even crazier than that is they would be the 9th seed right now if they were in the East. Scary!

The Washington Wizards have a total of 6 wins on the season in 34 games.  They are really, really, really (there aren’t enough really’s) bad.  Yet, 2 of those 6 wins are against the Heat and Thunder, the teams with the best record in their respective concerts. Seriously?!

The Clippers won 17 games in a row.  That is pretty impressive.  They also have yet to win directly after a losing streak or lose directly after a winning streak.  Meaning they always have a streak of at least 2 losses or 2 wins in a row through 37 games.  They are a streaky team.

There is a player from 1 of the 2 LA teams in the top 3 of each of the major statistical categories so far: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals, Field Goal Percentage.  Weird.

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