Hockey Is Back… Sort Of


The NHL players and owners finally came to an agreement and ended the almost season long lockout.  Players are already coming out and saying how pointless this lockout was.  We all already know that and yet every time a contract is up there is the threat of a lockout.  Who’s fault is that?  Oh yeah it’s everyones fault.  Everybody just wants more and more money and to make sure the other side doesn’t get a better deal than the one they are getting.  Anyways, the season looks like it is going to start soon and they are going to try and squeeze in 48 games and then the playoffs.  That is a lot to squeeze in to a shortened season and you would think they would have learned from the NBA last season.  Shortened seasons are not easy.  Hockey is back though and the first games will start on Saturday.  Be happy Hockey fans!

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