Sometimes The Sporting World Repays You

The other night Lebron James tackled a fan.  Normally the sporting world would be trying to come up with an excuse for why this was a bad thing and how to fix the image after an athlete tackles a fan.  Out of context the tackle is a bad thing, but you have to understand why Lebron did this.  The fan had just hit the most improbable half court shot for 75,000 dollars.  Lebron felt so happy for this guy that he ran out onto the court and hugged and took the guy down to the ground.  This fan just won 53,000 dollars after 22,000 were taken out for taxes and yet that was the second greatest thing to happen to him that night.  He got to see a professional athlete show his happiness with him.  It was one of those moments you don’t see often, but something that keeps fans coming back.  That fan will forever remember hitting that shot and I am sure more importantly to him the moment that Lebron came out and tackled him.  I gained enormous respect for Lebron right there.  That is a classy move by the best player in the world right now.

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2 Responses to Sometimes The Sporting World Repays You

  1. russell mobley says:

    even i’ll have give Lebron props for that move. Probably the best of his career.

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