Sunday Shortcomings

The SuperBowl is today and yet I am sure that many more people are interested in reading what has pissed me off the past week.  That is how the world works right?  Sticking with the NFL, two things come up this week.  The Rooney Rule and the NFLPA problems.  The NFLPA is now saying that the NFL doesn’t care about player safety and yet I feel like that is the only thing I hear about every day on ESPN.  Player safety is the first thing that you hear in the NFL right now.  Not anything about the upcoming games or draft or retiring players or whatever, it’s always about safety and who is getting fined for not following the rules.  Deal with it NFLPA, you can’t have the same vicious games from the past and then say that safety is an issue.  The Rooney Rule states that any time there is a head coaching or GM job available every team must interview a minority candidate.  A great rule, but that doesn’t mean that more minority coaches will be hired and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they deserve the job.  As far as I am concerned the job should and usually does go to the best candidate regardless of what race they are.  If the Rooney Rule exists in the NFL, the NBA needs to institute the Brian Scalabrine rule that says every NBA team needs to “consider” signing two white players.  I feel like that is the same principle.

Manti Te’o and this story is…. I am over it right now and I can’t even find enough energy to write a scathing remark about that whole thing.

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