Strange Sports Facts Saturday

I decided to do a little something different today.  We all know that athletes are creatures of habit.  So here are a few strange superstitions of athletes.

The Silent Treatment.  In baseball when a pitcher gets near the 5th or 6th inning with a no-hitter in tact, all of the other players on the team say absolutely nothing to him and sit as far from him in the dugout as possible.  It’s quite funny to see when there are 25 other guys in the dugout all trying to avoid eye-contact and such.  Then, every once in a while you get the pitcher who wants to chat and be around people during his no-hit bid and everybody still tries to avoid him.  It’s pretty funny to see.

The Playoff Beard or The Winning Streak Beard:Originally a hockey tradition, but since adopted by other sports, the theory holds that a team must put off shaving while still in the playoffs. This promotes a warrior mentality and single-minded focus with which even basic hygiene cannot interfere.
For Example, Tennis great Bjorn Borg used to grow a beard prior to the Wimbledon tournament, which he won five consecutive times from 1976 to 1980. Sports Illustrated once had a cover story previewing the tournament and placed Borg on the cover with the caption, “The beard has begun.”

The Spit and Kick.  Baseball players obviously have the most superstitions.  I think it’s because the season is so long it is done to keep them sane.  Anyways, the spit and kick is a superstition that after your spit on the field you must kick some dirt on that spit.  If you don’t it is extremely bad luck.

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