Sunday Shortcomings

The sports world is going to s**t these days.  So many problems in the pro game and now the college game is starting to lose some points in book as well.  Oh well.  I still love sports.

The whole sporting world was introduced to Alex Collins this week.  He was a ESPN 150 RB from Florida who wanted to play his college football at the University of Arkansas.  He was all ready to sign his letter of intent the other day when something unexpected happened.  His mother came to his school and stole his letter of intent.  Kids signing their LOI with schools must have a parent or guardian sign as well as put their own signature on the paper.  Apparently, Collins’ mom had other ideas.  She didn’t want her son moving so far from home so she stole the paper making it impossible for him to sign the LOI.  Collins was set on going to Arkansas so obviously he went to his dad to get the signature, but the whole thing became national news.  I am not sure if this was really a mother being unhappy about her son moving away or one of the greatest attempts at getting her son recognized on ESPN, but either way it was a crazy/dumb story that should have never happened.

I haven’t seen the media try to tear apart a relationship quite like this since Kobe/Shaq.  And what do you know, Kobe is involved once again.  The Kobe/Dwight Howard so called problems are not ones that anyone needs to concern themselves with.  Have you seen the actual interviews of when these guys are quoted?  It doesn’t sound anything like what the media is portraying as a squabble between the two All-Stars.  Does the media seriously want there to be drama on the Lakers so that they can make this horrible season more exciting?  Probably, but at least make the beef between the players more exciting.  This stuff is just boring.  Come on people!

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