Sunday Shortcomings


I am so sick and tired of everybody talking about how the NBA All Star weekend dunk contest doesn’t have any big names in it.  I know that everybody wants to see Lebron, Durant, and a host of others, but I feel like the judging wouldn’t be fair if they were in the contest.  Back in the day when Jordan, Kobe and those guys would enter a dunk contest they were guaranteed the win.  Even if they weren’t the best dunker in the contest they would take home the title because they were the big name in the contest.  I like to see guys like (insert unknown dunker here) win the contest, because usually they are the better pure dunkers.  Everybody needs to relax and realize that no matter who is in the contest there is only so many dunks you can do.  Enjoy who is out there putting on a show.

I sometimes wish I wasn’t living in such a media centered sports world.  I get annoyed by the constant coverage of bull s**t that I read and see.  I can’t stand all the times that I have heard the media blow some story way out of proportion for no good reason.  I know that drama and eccentricity sells, but come on now people.  It is getting old.  I think it is worse because I am a follower of Southern California teams who are treated like movie stars and therefore drama makes a good story.  Where is the line and how do we get back on the right side of that line.  I don’t see this changing any time soon either, mostly because the popularity of these stories.  This just may show how stupid sports fan can actually be.

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