Greatest Athlete Of All Time

Sports Science, which is probably one of the coolest concepts of all time, is doing a Greatest Athlete of All Time.  Here is the bracket



I don’t know how they picked the people, but there is definitely a few people that aren’t on the bracket that I think should be there.  But, let’s talk about who is on the bracket.  Who the hell is Mark Allen?  Why is MMA Fighter Anderson Silva on the list? You have a big time first round match-up in Jordan vs. Tiger, which apparently Jordan won already, but then you have a match-up like Pele vs. Tony Hawk.  One of those match-ups feels like a finals match-up and the other feels like a play in game.  I think I need to do more research on this bracket, but for the time being know that this isn’t just a popularity contest.  There is science determining the winner.  I like it.

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