Tuesday Shortcomings/Praises

ESPN has been celebrating 75 years of the NCAA tournament by ranking some of the greatest players/teams/moments, etc.  I had a major problem with the #1 moment of NCAA Tournament history. Of course, they gave it to Christian Laettner and his turnaround that beat Kentucky.  That was a good tournament moment, but seriously how is that 7 spots higher than Bill Walton’s 21 for 22 game or any of the other UCLA title moments.  It was one shot that sent Duke to the title game.  If that had been a title game win. Yeah give it to him, but that was merely in the Final 4.  I think the Gordon Hayward half court heave for Butler against Duke a few years ago that missed was more of an impressive tournament moment.   I digress.  I am a UCLA homer, but still come on people.  At least they got a few things right in these rankings.  They were smart enough to put Lewis Alcindor and Bill Walton #1 and 2, respectively, in the player rankings.   On top of that they were smart enough to put 2 UCLA teams at the top of the team rankings and they added 3 more to the top 9.   No other team has more than one in the top 16.  Take that Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and the rest of you so called “better programs.”

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