Sunday Shortcomings

Hey it’s NCAA Tournament time.  I know we are already into the second round or the third round or whatever they are calling it these days, but I still have a few issues with the selection committee that I need to get out.  Apparently the committee does not care for the Pac-12 conference.  They absolutely shafted Oregon with a 12 seed and then did almost as big an injustice giving Cal a 12 as well.  On top of that they gave no team a seed higher than 6.  I know that the conference has been a little down the last couple seasons, but this years teams are better than that.  I can’t believe the injustice here.  I am glad that Oregon, Cal and Arizona had the distinction of sticking it to the committee by simply outplaying their opponents.  I wish UCLA and Colorado had done the same.  I am still reeling after that display by the Bruins on Friday night.  Terrible.

Is anybody else tired of this Heat streak?  I know I have been for about all 25 games now. I wish somebody would just beat them and get this thing done with.  I don’t care if they do reach the Lakers record streak of 33 wins in a row, there is no way in hell this team would beat them once in 10 games.  Don’t kid yourselves now.  This NBA season has seen a fair share of horrible teams, much more than good teams and the Heat are doing what they should be doing and winning games.  This streak is not that impressive and that is not just because I absolutely hate the Heat, but if they had done something like this as a Western Conference team it may be a little more impressive.  They have only beat 8 Western teams during this streak and all but 2 of those were on the road.  The East is a terrible conference and when you get to play against the Bobcats, Wizards, Magic and 76ers a bunch it makes winning streaks much easier.

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