Best Coast Hottie of the Month

It’s NCAA Tournament time for the Women as well and so I thought it would be smart to pick a college basketball player for this dubious award.  Baylor is the heavy favorite to repeat and though Stanford is the only team to beat them this season I think Notre Dame is going to be the one to knock the Bears off in the Tournament final.  Therefore, I must go with somebody from the Irish and when I think about this team there is only one player I want to give this title.  She is the point guard and she has been their leader since she was a freshman.  She also happens to be Left Handed which is a huge benefit.  This months Best Coast Hottie of the Month is going to be Skylar Diggins.


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2 Responses to Best Coast Hottie of the Month

  1. Kevin says:

    Though this is a great choice. I feel Caroline Doty, Samantha Ponder, and Abby Waner were overlooked. I am ok with those snubs, but Brittney Griner has really been DIS-respected, NOT!

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