Strange Sports Facts Saturday

Here are a couple of strange/sad stories in sports over the years.  Some might call them scandals

Danny Almonte – Being 12 Again
The advantages of a fake ID are usually to ameliorate the opportunities for underage drinking and clubbing, not to play in Little League Baseball. In 2001, Danny Almonte led his Bronx, New York team all the way to third place in the Little League World Series when he pitched the first perfect game since 1957, but a conflicting birth certificate surfaced during his team’s run. His family’s copy stated that he was born in 1989, but his Dominican home town’s official copy stated he was born in 1987, making him two years too old for eligibility. His pitching feats were erased from the record books and the Rolando Paulino All-Stars were forced to part with their accolades.

What makes it stranger: Danny’s father, Felipe de Jesus Almonte, appeared on Good Morning America to defend his son. Investigations by the Little League determined that his father had registered Danny’s birth twice.

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier – Skategate
Canadian figure-skating pair Jamie Sale and David Pelletier performed a near-perfect program only to receive ordinary ordinals from the judges in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. They tried to just smile it off, but they remained puzzled, along with pundits and skating aficionados worldwide. A probe ensued, exposing collusion between Russian and French judges, who agreed to swap votes in a sordid deal. Eventually, the Canadian duo was awarded gold medals and received a share of first place.

What makes it stranger: As the investigation continued, there were allegations that implicated a famous Russian mobster as one of the masterminds behind the scandal.

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One Response to Strange Sports Facts Saturday

  1. I totally remember that Danny Almonte scandal. Why didn’t we think of it first? You could have been in little league forever!

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